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The Role of Collaboration in Advancing IPX Services

by Thomas Schroer

Oct 26, 2016 2:00:00 AM

The IPX concept has been around for a while, but at the Carriers World/IPX conference held recently in London, there was still talk about the slow the rate of adoption for IPX services and what should be done to address the problem. One way to think about the IPX is that it provides premium inter-carrier service offerings.

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LTE and Voice = VoLTE

by Jim Machi

Oct 25, 2016 9:26:50 AM

Every year, Ericsson puts out a nice overall Mobility Report in June.  I’m finally getting around to reading it now.  There is some really nice information in there about IoT growth and 5G.

However, this one graphic really struck me. 

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Healthcare Is In Need Of A Patient Experience Check-Up

by Alan Percy

Oct 19, 2016 8:56:01 AM

In a fast-paced world of Uber car services and Amazon Prime, Healthcare is limping along.

Thanks to my health scare back in May, I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of our healthcare system first-hand. (I’m back to 100% now, thanks for asking.)  From the smiling and caring RNs that helped me during the initial hospital stay, to the archaic process of transferring health records between specialists, my patient experience (Px) has spanned the emotions of appreciation and exasperation.  I understand that you can’t change a $3 Trillion industry overnight, but we can do better.  There is a lot of room for patient experience improvement – especially in communications.

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Whatever Happened to Dialogic Boards?

by Jim Machi

Oct 18, 2016 9:10:15 AM

I stopped wearing Dialogic shirts in airports many many years ago, simply because I often got stopped by people who used our boards and wanted to talk about them.  I still remember the event that tipped me - someone asked me if a PEB bus could go to 5 feet in length.  (Note: I knew the answer back then, but I don’t remember what it was – probably no, though).

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SS7 Staying Power

by Jim Machi

Oct 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Back in April, I wrote a blog about LTE subscription growth and ended that blog with “by the end of 2020, half of all mobile connections will NOT be LTE.  In fact, in 2015, 3G still grew.”  On June 9th, the GSA put a press release out about LTE, but that press release also contained the words “3G/HSPA subscriptions grew by 48 million” in Q1 2016.  So even though all we hear about is LTE these days, 3G remains important.

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Telecommunications in the Cloud – SIP Trunking

by Elhum Vahdat

Oct 7, 2016 10:20:17 AM

In life, saving money usually comes from giving up something, or reducing what you have.  The same applies in business, but here’s an exception…SIP trunking – the convergence of voice and data delivered over a single broadband connection that lowers costs and offers better service.  “Lowers costs and better service” sounds like an oxymoron, but in this case it is not, which is why SIP trunking is seeing explosive growth…

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Does Virtualization Make Sense for IPX?

by Thomas Schroer

Oct 6, 2016 9:43:39 AM

I recently led a lively roundtable discussion on virtualization, NFV, and SDN at the recent IPX Summit  in London. We had a healthy cross section of industry participants including representatives from carriers, mobile operators, equipment vendors, software centric solution vendors (like Dialogic), analysts, systems integration, and test and measurement. The question posed to the group was whether virtualization made sense for carriers and IPX operators beyond the confines of the traditional data center, and this definitely made for an interactive discussion.

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Resourceful Solutions and the IoT at Itron Utility Week

by Bud Corley

Oct 5, 2016 1:20:01 PM

There’s no denying that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic – including personal applications like wearable technology, connected cars, and smart homes, as well as industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) applications with connected sensors.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) surveyed 800 leading companies and learned that 90% of them expect to see 25 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2025.  Here at Dialogic, our solutions are already an integral part of the IoT architecture. Check out these blogs for more info: Relationship between the IoT and RTC, M2M = Wingman to IoT and RTC,  and What Your Life Might Look Like in an IoT World.

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Video Conferencing Arrives in Buffalo

by Vince Puglia

Oct 5, 2016 9:39:00 AM

Being born and raised in Buffalo, NY, I've heard every joke and stereotype imaginable: 

  • Yes, I know the acronym for BILLS is Boy, I Love Losing SuperBowls....
  • No, Buffalo is not basically part of Canada, eh...
  • Yes, we buy our your kid's halloween costume two sizes too big so it can fit over the snowsuit....
  • No, everyone does not eat Buffalo wings (we just call them wings).... 

Ok maybe the last one is true and to top it off, Buffalo has never been on the bleeding-edge of adopting technology. We're not luddites, but rather fashionably late to every party. But something caught my eye while I was walking through the Buffalo airport last week.

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LTE and Voice – Destined to be Together?

by Jim Machi

Oct 4, 2016 9:30:00 AM

We all love LTE – we love the speed, we love the easy on-ramp to the internet, and we love the quality of video it enables to mobile devices of all sorts.  But voice with LTE – many of us haven’t yet been given the chance to experience.  They are destined to be together – voice in LTE is a type of data, and the mobile service providers will need to reduce expenses and retire the old 3G networks (which can be used for voice), in favor of a single network.  The LTE Voice Summit next week in London explores these issues.

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