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Alan is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Dialogic, responsible for the global marketing efforts to nurture the growing community of real-time communications and WebRTC applications developers with the rich media processing solutions from Dialogic. He is also a frequent industry speaker and contributes to a number of industry journals, podcasts, webcasts and blogs covering a range of communications and technology adoption topics.

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Video is the New Voice – But How?

by Alan Percy

May 19, 2017 11:42:45 AM

Real-time video is finding its way into a wide range of applications and industries, including IoT, financial services, education, public safety, and social media.  Video doorbells, home security, virtual insurance adjusters, and video identity verification are becoming mainstream applications that improve security and reduce operational expenses.  Behind these applications is WebRTC technology - providing a standardized method of integrating voice and video into web browsing and client applications. However, despite the hard work put into WebRTC, the effort to integrate WebRTC multi-party video interactions into an application can be daunting.  Many of the applications noted above require centralized recording, multi-party conferencing, mobile-friendly transcoding and other features outside the scope of simple peer-to-peer calling.

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XMS 3.3 – High Capacity Video Recording

by Alan Percy

May 15, 2017 11:19:40 AM

This is the third in a multi-part blog series, explaining some of the many features and functions found in the newly released PowerMedia XMS 3.3 software.

If there is any question to the value of recording video, take note of any one of the viral videos of airline customer service “interactions” posted on YouTube.

The emergence of inexpensive storage completely changed customer service interaction and identity verification. Voice-only contact centers almost universally record all customer interactions – thus the pre-call warning that “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.”  You should expect the same will be true with video customer care interactions.  Recording helps resolve potential conflicts of “he said – she said” disputes with financial transactions.  Contact centers, banking, legal, and other industries require by policy or regulation that all customer interactions are archived, requiring the capability to record video interactions.

However, recording video is significantly more resource intensive than a voice-only recorder. 

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Topics: WebRTC and Multimedia VAS, Communications Application Development

XMS 3.3 – Outbound Calling and Notification

by Alan Percy

May 5, 2017 2:18:05 PM

This is the second of a multi-part blog series, explaining some of the many features and functions found in the newly released PowerMedia XMS 3.3 software.

Outbound calling applications – reverse 911, contact center call-backs, medication reminder notifications, and conferencing applications all depend on detecting whether an outbound call was completed, and then, whether it was answered by a person or a machine.   Correctly detecting the success (or failure) of an outbound call allows an application to decide whether to retry the call, leave a voice message or connect the call to an agent.  Dialogic has been a leader in developing reliable Call Progress Analysis (CPA) algorithms since the early board-level DSP products, carrying this expertise to XMS. 

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Topics: WebRTC and Multimedia VAS, NFV/SDN & Cloud, Communications Application Development

XMS 3.3 – Scaling Video Applications with SFU

by Alan Percy

May 3, 2017 12:50:23 PM

This is the first of a multi-part blog series, explaining some of the many features and functions found in the newly released PowerMedia XMS 3.3 software.

Based on a quick survey of our developer community, a major area of new application development is Multi-party video applications – bringing one-way or two-way video to contact center, education, transportation, and security applications.

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Topics: WebRTC and Multimedia VAS, VoLTE/VoWifi & IMS, NFV/SDN & Cloud, Communications Application Development

Audience Participation Made Easier with WebRTC

by Alan Percy

Apr 27, 2017 12:41:16 PM

If you’ve ever had the chance to present to a large group, you know how difficult it is to engage your audience and keep their attention.   Even the best presenter has significant competition from the ever-present mobile device in the hands of the audience. Here’s how the problem can be solved with WebRTC and Communications APIs.

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Topics: Communications Application Development

A New Age In Enterprise Collaboration

by Alan Percy

Apr 4, 2017 1:01:00 PM

If I had a time machine, I’d take you on a trip back in time to VoiceCon 2010.  It’s not that long ago, just 7 years. You’d recognize much of the event that we now call Enterprise Connect – the same Gaylord Palms with Eric Krapf and his team.  But you’d notice some very different participants in 2010. Back then, Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and Siemens dominated the show floor and the keynote stage. This year Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RingCentral, and Twilio stole the spotlight, leaving only Cisco as an incumbent. What’s happening and why?

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Topics: Legacy - Voice, Fax, Modem, Events, Communications Application Development

Reverse 911 – A Use Case for Call Progress Analysis

by Alan Percy

Mar 16, 2017 11:03:23 AM

Remember as a kid your TV show or radio broadcast being interrupted by an announcement, “this test of the Emergency Broadcast System, followed by the squeal of a test tone?  Reverse 911 has essentially made that old system obsolete – what is Reverse 911 and how does it work? 

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Topics: Legacy - Voice, Fax, Modem, Signaling, Communications Application Development

An IoT Addiction Gets Satisfied at MWC 2017

by Alan Percy

Mar 6, 2017 1:28:38 PM

Mobile World Congress 2017 wrapped up on Thursday, bringing a close to the seemingly infinite exposition of mobile and wireless technologies.   From what you would expect in wireless base stations, antennas and what seems like a bazillion handset vendors, the event is also home to a wide range of network and mobile applications.  As a self-professed Internet of Things and home automation “junkie”, this was a chance to feed my addiction and see what was possible for both my home and in the spring house that feeds our shared water system at our recreational property on Rushford Lake.

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Topics: Events, Internet of Things, Communications Application Development

An IoT Addict Seeks Treatment

by Alan Percy

Feb 27, 2017 5:53:12 AM

I’m an IoT addict.  There, I said it.  That’s the first step of recovery, right?   Thanks to a generous son, Christmas started a new obsession – controlling and connecting our home.

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Topics: Internet of Things

ITExpo 2017 – Where Communications and IoT Intersect

by Alan Percy

Feb 15, 2017 9:33:16 AM

If you keep up to date with the latest innovations in communications technology, ITEXPO has always been one of the places to learn, meet key vendors, and network.  With a regular winter event in southern Florida every year, it’s hard to say “no” to attending.  This year did not disappoint, especially with the addition of a co-located Internet of Things (IoT) event and even more to see and experience during your trip to Florida.  A few key observations:

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Topics: WebRTC and Multimedia VAS, Events, VoLTE/VoWifi & IMS, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi, Signaling, Internet of Things

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