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Miguel Lopes is the Vice President of Product Line Management for Applications, responsible for bringing Dialogic’s application products to the cloud and offering them “as a service”. He is also responsible to build the strategy and go-to market requirements for a successful cloud offer. He contributes to several publications regarding smart cities, IoT, wireless technologies and is invited to speak in several events about how applications leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the world.

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Actionable Data VS Big Data – Knowing the Difference for Smarter Decision Making

by Miguel Lopes

Mar 31, 2017 11:07:08 AM

The cloud brought us the age of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). We solved the compute and storage problems (became cheap) and managed to scale resources at a snap of a finger or with a couple lines of code. We can now store unmeasurable quantities of information and make educated decisions based on that…or can we?

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Topics: NFV/SDN & Cloud, Internet of Things, Communications Application Development

Unified Experience in a Unified Communications World

by Miguel Lopes

Mar 15, 2017 9:50:21 AM

Unified Communications (UC), more than a buzz word, has become such a loose term that everyone uses it without thinking twice when referring to any sort of enterprise voice and video services.


But what is the true meaning of UC and, more importantly, what are the implications to achieve true UC? Conversations focus so much on the technology that participants tend to lose track of what is the ultimate goal. The goal is to simplify the way enterprises communicate through different channels and to not add additional complexity.

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Topics: WebRTC and Multimedia VAS, VoLTE/VoWifi & IMS, IPX, Communications Application Development

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