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2016 State of WebRTC

by Jim Machi

Jul 26, 2016 9:16:31 AM

2016 State of WebRTC

Where are we really with WebRTC?  It’s not generating the buzz it used to. There are not many specialized conferences anymore.  Even the first big buzzy one, WebRTC Conference and Expo, which incidentally is next week, has renamed itself the “Real Time Web Solutions Conference.”  What’s going on?

First of all, many people are now schooled on WebRTC.  In customer meetings the past few years, I spent significant time explaining WebRTC.  Now, our customer base understands it and is simply building it in.  This is the same kind of process that the industry went through with VoIP over 15 years ago – buzz was generated, education occurred, and new products emerged.  Sure, Dialogic as a whole is still getting questions about WebRTC, but they are either of a different (more implementation oriented) ilk than before, or are more specific.

We’re seeing WebRTC become a “normal” way of proceeding for new communications application developers.  In general, the Healthcare vertical is utilizing WebRTC very well.  The secure nature of WebRTC communications is helping this vertical get into the UC world.  We are seeing video/voice collaboration benefit from WebRTC as well.  Video was a strong driver from the early days of WebRTC and continues to be a strong driver of new WebRTC value-added service apps today.

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