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A Fork In the Road

by Alan Percy

Aug 21, 2015 4:11:00 PM

 Alan Percy at Dialogic

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”, Yogi Berra

This last week, I did exactly that — taking a new fork in the road, starting my new role as Senior Director of Product Marketing at Dialogic.  As with any big career change, the week was filled with a balance of a little trepidation and eagerness, having to learn a lot of new names and products as quickly as possible.  Fortunately, my new coworkers here at Dialogic have received me with open arms and excitement.   One thing I came to realize this week is that because of my blogging and public presence, many of my new co-workers already knew a lot about me (I just wish I knew more about them).

As with most any first few days on the job, the week has been filled with one-on-one “get to know you” meetings, often started with the same question:

“So what really enticed you to make the change?”

A simple question with a complicated answer - it took me a few tries to get my “pitch” down, sharing what I saw as the opportunities, but after some thought, it really boiled down to a few things:

Communications is Moving to the Cloud

While it won’t happen overnight, the writing is on the wall — communications and collaboration applications are migrating to the cloud.  Driving this trend is greater connectivity, greater mobility, and new technologies (like WebRTC) facilitating cloud communications. Dialogic is in a unique position, having both a portfolio of existing non-cloud solutions and having made a significant investment in developing software-only media servers and other applications ideally suited for deployment in the cloud.  This gives the company the unique opportunity to serve the existing market today, while being well positioned for the future as the cloud adoption grows.

Growth of Video

As I’ve blogged about in the past, video is something that my generation is still coming to terms with in the business environment.   By the way, how does my hair look?  Anyhow, the reality is that video is on the rise, partially because the generation entering the workforce now is much more accustomed to two-way video calls.   In addition to the market drivers of falling cost, improved collaboration, and reducing travel costs, video also somewhat resolves the “multi-tasking” issues that occur, forcing both parties to pay full attention to the discussion and eliminating the opportunity to cruise your inbox during the conversation.  With the growth of video acceptance, I expect to see a greater opportunity for new and innovative video applications, many of which will be based on WebRTC and multi-party collaboration.  Dialogic is well positioned to catch the wave of video application development with solutions that are video-capable, supporting streaming, conferencing, transcoding and recording.

My Role

In my new role, I’ll be responsible for Dialogic’s marketing strategy and subsequent execution centered on cloud media services and WebRTC, including the PowerMedia XMS solution.  Dialogic PowerMedia XMS is an all-software and cloud-ready media server platform that supports a wide range of voice and video media services needed to implement advanced communications and collaboration applications.  In this new role, I’ll be working to raise awareness, build brands, and develop new business – you know….marketing stuff.

The Team

And finally there is the team – many of whom are industry veterans who know how to make things work, along with some new fresh blood that is eager to make a difference. I look forward to being part of this dynamic organization, and being part of the transformation of an industry.  But to do so, I had to take Yogi’s suggestion and follow the fork in the road. You too can follow the fork in the road by following Alan on Twitter @AlanDPercy