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Adding Voice to Your Windows Apps Just Got Easier

by Tim Moynihan

Jul 7, 2015 4:05:00 PM

Add Voice to Windows AppThere are millions of .NET developers out there, with more to come now that Microsoft has made .NET an open-source platform. Yet .NET developers with hands-on experience building voice-enabled applications can still be relatively hard to find. This presents a challenge to enterprises, especially as they look to wrap voice services into more of their business applications, particularly in their contact centers and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. In order to leverage their in-house developer skills and move forward with new communications-based applications, enterprises need to bridge these two worlds.GlorSoft and Dialogic have been building such a bridge together since 2008. Based in Ireland, GlorSoft targets itsVelocity v3.1 software development kit (SDK) to .NET developers looking for a powerful yet intuitive platform for creating voice-enhanced applications. Velocity brings voice-enhanced functionality including IVR features, caller ID, customized call routing, text-to-speech and voice mail into a .NET programming environment to help developers build voice-enabled applications more quickly and easily. With Velocity, .NET developers can bypass the usual complexities of voice applications such as proprietary programming languages and multi-threading by using a native, familiar and easy-to-use .NET-based programming interface.

If you’re not up to speed on Velocity, we can think of five reasons why you should check it out:

There are no upfront costs. The Velocity SDK is free to download and use while you develop your applications. You don’t pay a penny until you’re ready to put your application into production. This minimizes your risk exposure and allows you to get started quickly without going through a lengthy procurement process.

It accelerates your time-to-market. Because it’s easy to use and get started, Velocity accelerates your application development time to help you release new applications and functionality to customers more quickly.

It’s designed for .NET developers. Velocity leverages your existing developer skills and expands them with pre-built scripts that allow your developers to build robust applications that incorporate automated call center features, customized call routes, voice mail, text-to-speech, IVR flows and more.

It integrates seamlessly with your existing IT systems. Applications built with Velocity work with Microsoft applications (Windows Server, Visual Studio, .NET Framework) from the get-go and speaks directly to telephony device APIs for richer, faster integration. 

It’s built on the industry-leading Dialogic media platform. GlorSoft’s Velocity SDK is designed to work especially with Dialogic’s PowerMedia HMP media server solution, which means you can deploy Velocity-based applications on any standard server with PowerMedia HMP software, further reducing cost and IT complexity.

With GlorSoft and Dialogic, your developers can find their voice without learning a new language!

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