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Addressing the Need for Speed with the Dialogic PowerMedia Media Resource Broker (MRB)

by Chris Boulton

Jul 31, 2018 11:30:00 AM

f-14-tomcats-speed-square-788648-edited“I feel the need – the need for speed!”

-Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise, Top Gun)

It’s an obvious, blatant indulgence to include a quote from Top Gun, an all-time favourite film, but it does adequately describe the exciting developments in the upcoming release of the Dialogic® PowerMedia® Media Resource Broker (MRB).  The popular MRB product has long been used in conjunction with Dialogic’s leading-edge Dialogic® PowerMedia® XMS Media Resource Function (MRF) by our partners and customers to provide unmatched scale, high availability (HA), and resource consolidation for media services such as conferencing and interactive voice response (IVR).

As with every leading-edge product, evolution is the key to survival in demanding landscapes that push boundaries (for clarity, this is referring to the MRB and not Peter Mitchell’s role in the film).  As our industries move towards consolidation, the demand for speed and capacity increases in conjunction with the ability to be dynamic and react to a changing environment.  This is highlighted perfectly by Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and container-based architectures that have re-written the rule book in recent years.  Here at Dialogic we listen to our customers and react accordingly to messages that we hear.

The upcoming MRB release has some exciting new additions that would certainly make Pete Mitchell proud.  Increasing the number of supported concurrent MRF ports managed by an MRB instance for certain usages now runs into the hundreds of thousands, with the performance injection allowing many thousands of call attempts per second.  Combined with the product’s integration of both public and private cloud offerings, PowerMedia-based solutions provide a complete package for a range of deployments from service provider to enterprise.

MRB_Speed Blog

The illustration paints a powerful picture of what’s provided by the combined PowerMedia products.  The combination of standards-compliant components and APIs allows both new and legacy applications to take full advantage of the MRB’s unique capabilities.  The MRB also has the ability to manage alternative MRF products should you wish to keep some of your existing components while growing or replacing with Dialogic XMS MRF.

The excitement doesn’t end here.  The MRB’s companion product, the XMS MRF, also has a number of equally exciting new features on the horizon as part of the upcoming release package.  Far too many to cover in this particular post – stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks.

For additional information on the exciting new additions that will be included in the upcoming ‘jet propelled’ PowerMedia MRB and MRF – please get in touch today with the Dialogic team to discuss your solution needs and let Dialogic be your wingman (sorry – had to be done).

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