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The Continuing Evolution of Dialogic

Scaling in the Cloud – Avoid Flying Too Close to the Sun

Hearing and Seeing the Difference in UC Platforms

Microservices Architecture – What is it, and why should I care?

Dialogic and 5G roaming – Staying Ahead of the Curve with HTTP/2

The Advantages of Supporting OpenStack

The Culture of DevOps and Automation

Session Border Controller – What is it and why do you need one?

Taking IoT Use Cases from Ideas to Reality at Record Speed

Accelerating IoT Revenues

Addressing the Pains of Collaborating with External Parties

Flexibility is Key

Panning for “Killer Apps” in the Gold Rush of 5G

How far can you go alone?

2018 – Gone in a Flash

DialogicOne – Improving Business Models with Artificial Intelligence

DialogicONE – Working with Smart Speakers

Evolve or Dissolve

The Dialogic BUZZ UC Platform Swiss Army Knife

DialogicONE - IoT Solutions

Dialogic PowerMedia MRF – A Solution You Can Depend On

Fax and the Recent Scare About Security

Addressing the Need for Speed with the Dialogic PowerMedia Media Resource Broker (MRB)

Enabling WebRTC with the Dialogic PowerVille Load Balancer

Least Cost Clouding

Telecom Meets Digital: The Importance of Establishing Controls

Rightsizing Your Fax Server

Telecom Meets Digital: Connected Car Solutions

Introducing DialogicONE!

Advanced Technologies are Coming, Are you Ready?

Achieving Success in the UCaaS Market

Decoder Rings and Cipher Wheels and Secret Conversations

7%-38%-55% Rule—An Evolutionary Edge?

The End and Beginning of a Good Thing

The Evolution of the Software Media Server

STPs keep going

Considerations for Cloud Based SBC's, Part 2

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Helps Define Our Digital Persona

Top 10 of 2017 - The Number One Blog Topic Should Not Surprise You!

Considerations for Cloud Based SBCs, Part 1

New Features in Dialogic Brooktrout SDK 6.8 - SIP over TLS

2018 (likely wrong) Predictions

Value Added Services In IoT

Small Enterprises Dominate But are Unified Communications Solutions Meeting Their Needs?

Progressive Web Apps – Go Full Screen on iOS!

Learning About Cloud Communications and WebRTC From Home

Machine Learning Is Improving IVRs

Call and Talk to Watson

Millennials and Preferences for Real-Time Communications

Why Media Gateways Anymore?

Blockchain and Unified Communications

The Importance of SS7 to SIP Interoperability

Network Slicing – An A La Carte Network Service in 5G?

Building Scalable Video Applications

Network Monitoring Provides More Than Just Lawful Intercept

Getting Started With Video – It’s Easier Than You Think.

SIP Trunking Options for Mixed Networks

The Four Essentials for Omnichannel Management

Taking VIVR to the Next Level with Progressive Web Apps

NAS, SAN? You Had Me At Hadoop!

Which speech analytic engine is right for your application?

The New Enterprise Hub

Using Chat Programs for Payments

IoT and Real-Time Communications Convergence (Part 2)

How Will Artificial Intelligence Be Used In the Contact Center?

IoT and Real-Time Communications Convergence (Part 1)

MVNO’s Need Their Own Infrastructure To Differentiate

Are Our Networks Ready for IoT and Video?

Future of the Multifunction Peripherals (MFP)

WebRTC for Business People - Update

Unified Communications in the Cloud

IoT and Video go Hand-In-Hand

Implementing the Visual Customer Experience With a VIVR

What Should the Next Generation SBC Be Able to Handle?

Making Mobile Customer Engagement Apps On-Demand with a Visual IVR

Unified Communications Murkiness

How Do You Market to a Chatbot?

Improving Customer Care with Verizon’s Visual Interactive Calling

Intersecting Real-Time Communications with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence

SIP Trunks and Whaaaat???…Gateways…but not SBCs?

Can Communications Service Providers Turn Dumb-Pipes to Differentiated Services? (Part 3) – Conversational User Experience

Enhancing Avaya Solutions with Advanced Dialogic Technology

Fax Still Going Strong


What’s Going On with WebRTC? – June 2017 Update

Can Communications Service Providers Turn Dumb-Pipes to Differentiated Services? (Part 2) – Wild Wild West of Internet of Things

Do We Really Need 5G Right Now?

Six Cool Smart Connected Devices

Is the Cisco VNI Right?

Video is the New Voice – But How?

5 Questions To Ask In Choosing The Right Virtual Session Border Controller

The True Future-Ready Session Border Controller

The Rise of AI in Communications

XMS 3.3 – High Capacity Video Recording

ITW – Will There Ever Be A Return To The Good Ol’ Days?

XMS 3.3 – Outbound Calling and Notification

XMS 3.3 – Scaling Video Applications with SFU

Is It Over for SMS?

AI, Bots, and Machine Learning - A Team for Future Communication Success

Does Your Company’s IVR Voice Impact How You Are Perceived by Customers?

Voice Hacking - No Victim Is Too Small

Consumers’ Evolving Communications Use Will Drive Enterprises To Change Their Customer Interaction Strategies

The Intersection of Real-time Voice and AI - Can Service Providers Turn Dumb Pipes Into Differentiated Services?

Audience Participation Made Easier with WebRTC

Can a Class 4 Softswitch run in the Cloud?

Software Media Servers Help CPaaS Offerings Such as GENBAND Kandy

Scaling Your Business With A Real-Time Communications Load Balancer [Avaya and Scansource Webinar]

Is Cloud Infrastructure Swallowing Up NFV?

A New Age In Enterprise Collaboration

Cloud-Based Telecom Infrastructure Evolves

Actionable Data VS Big Data – Knowing the Difference for Smarter Decision Making

A ‘TAD’ Bit of Hustle Goes a Long Way – TADHack and Enterprise Connect 2017

The New Guard in Telecom: Amazon and Facebook

What does having no PSTN lines really mean?

Reverse 911 – A Use Case for Call Progress Analysis

Unified Experience in a Unified Communications World

The Importance of Good Call Progress Analysis with Software Media Servers

Evolving the IoT User Experience

Call Progress Analysis is Not the same as a Robo-Call

An IoT Addiction Gets Satisfied at MWC 2017

What’s Going on at MWC 2017

An IoT Addict Seeks Treatment

How Service Providers Can Avoid Becoming A Bit-Pipe

MWC 2017 Ready

ITExpo 2017 – Where Communications and IoT Intersect

What to Expect at MWC 2017

OTT and the Enterprise and the Impact on Service Providers

Benefits of a Hybrid SFU-MCU WebRTC Architecture

WebRTC SFU Architecture = Champion of Large Scale Video Conferences

WebRTC MCU Architecture - All For One And One For All

An Adventurer’s Communication Survival Guide

Riding the Media Processing Waves

IoT + Real Time Communications = Internet of Real Time Communications

VoWiFi and Value-Added Services

Contact Centers – Where is it now, and what’s next?

Airlines Fly Over Contact Center Expectations

WebRTC Developer Workshops – Building Knowledge and Friendships

Comparing Contact Center Channels

The Evolution of Voicemail

Scoring My 2016 Predictions

Ad Blockers vs Mobile Advertisers

Comparing Different Types of Mobile Ads

The Growth of Mobile Advertising

Unlocking Media Server Cloud Deployments

Great Application Ideas from the Developer Workshop Series

LTE And (Over) A 1000 Words

Time for IPX/Wholesale Operators to Pivot to Next Gen Services (Video)

NFV Needs to Get Out of the Muck

Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Computing

The Role of Collaboration in Advancing IPX Services

LTE and Voice = VoLTE

Healthcare Is In Need Of A Patient Experience Check-Up

Whatever Happened to Dialogic Boards?

SS7 Staying Power

Telecommunications in the Cloud – SIP Trunking

Does Virtualization Make Sense for IPX?

Resourceful Solutions and the IoT at Itron Utility Week

Video Conferencing Arrives in Buffalo

LTE and Voice – Destined to be Together?

Coming of the Mobile Advertising Age

How to Build a WebRTC Gateway and Integrate IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Services

Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World – Enterprises

Telecommunications in the Cloud – Class 5/Residential Services (2 of 3)

WebRTC & Cloud Communications Workshop – Who’s Attending?

Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World – Leveraging the Device

Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World – RCS

Telecommunications in the Cloud – Hosted IP PBX (1 of 3)

Open Source Software and NFV

Bringing Carrier Grade to the Cloud with Virtualized SBCs

WebRTC and Cloud Communications Workshop – What to Expect

Why Automation Is Key to Your OPNFV Deployment (OPNFV Demystified Part 7)

End of Messaging?

Self-Service Optimization…Required, Not Optional (Act 3 of 3 – Post Contact)

PowerMedia XMS Media Server – Quobis’ Take

Robocalls Call for Service Provider Intervention

My Take on Voice over WiFi

Real-World OPNFV Implementation – Networking (OPNFV Demystified Part 6)

Getting Started with CPaaS

HD Voice Finally Comes of Age

Self-Service Optimization…  Required, Not Optional (Act 2 of 3 – Steering)

Real-World OPNFV Implementation – Traps and Tips (OPNFV Demystified  Part 5)

Internet of Things and Real-time Communications [Infographic]

NFV – A Big Step Forward In Service Agility

Automation is Paramount in Cloud/NFV [Infographic]

SS7 Alive and Well

Mapping Out the IPX Opportunity [Infographic]

Real-World OPNFV Implementation – The Hardware (OPNFV Demystified Part 4)

2016 State of WebRTC

Self-Service Optimization…  Required, Not Optional (Act 1 of 3 – Personalization)

Getting Started with OPNFV - How Should I Prepare? (OPNFV Demystified Part 3)

What Your Life Might Look Like In An IoT World

IoT and Communications API – Creating New Opportunities

The Components of OPNFV (OPNFV Demystified Part 2)

M2M= Wingman to IoT and RTC

Rich Communications Services (RCS) – Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

Intro to Building a Carrier Grade Cloud Operating System Using OPNFV (OPNFV Demystified Part 1)

Relationship between IoT and RTC

Service Reliability of IP-based Communications – What Did We Learn?  Part I

Voice Revenue Decline – Scary or Under Control?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) – A Sweet Spot for Network Operators