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Arik Amdur

Arik Amdur is a Senior DevOps Engineer with a strong software development background, mastering the latest technologies and deeply focused on automated methodology. Arik’s areas of expertise utilized at Dialogic include R&D, CI/CD infrastructure, virtual and cloud platforms, and design of smart and optimized appliances for Dialogic’s SPI products, namely the BorderNet SBC, EMS, Analytics, and the ControlSwitch™ System. Sports, technology, and wellness are all integrated parts of Arik’s life.

Recent Posts

The Advantages of Supporting OpenStack

by Arik Amdur

Aug 14, 2019 9:50:08 AM

As mentioned in my previous DevOps blog, OpenStack is one of the cloud platforms with growing popularity in the market and it’s already supported by the Dialogic® BorderNet® SBC and other Dialogic products. Support for OpenStack often becomes an added-value driver for customer interest in our offerings.

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Topics: NFV/SDN & Cloud, Development Methodologies, Session Border Controller

The Culture of DevOps and Automation

by Arik Amdur

Aug 6, 2019 9:00:00 AM

If you are involved in product development, you’ve most likely heard about DevOps, which is a methodology for quickly delivering and improving products in less time than using traditional development methods. One of the main reasons for the adoption of DevOps is the need for software and infrastructure integration and collaboration, gaining the best from both, achieving better performance, and bringing the final product to an optimized level on the fastest track possible. DevOps is a culture backed by endless technologies and tools where the key is “Automate Everything.”

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Topics: NFV/SDN & Cloud, Communications Application Development