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Jeremy Cox (Ovum)

Jeremy Cox is a Principal Analyst in Ovum's Customer Engagement team, helping enterprises develop omnichannel customer engagement capabilities to deliver positive customer experiences. He leads research and insights into CRM and its potential for spearheading customer-driven business transformation (the customer-adaptive enterprise). Jeremy also advises on strategy and provides capabilities assessments and insights into how enterprise can evolve faster.

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The Four Essentials for Omnichannel Management

by Jeremy Cox (Ovum)

Sep 12, 2017 4:20:07 PM

It’s a business challenge but not as we know it

Attracting and keeping customers is a perennial challenge for every commercial enterprise. Today's customers, empowered by technology and instant access to information, have greater freedom of choice and the ability to exercise it. Their expectations have also been shaped by digital pioneers, and they now expect a similar experience from any company with which they engage.

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