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5 Critical IMS/NGN Softswitch Attributes to Achieve True Geographical Redundancy

by Matt Hoffman

Feb 12, 2015 11:04:03 AM

Over the top (OTT) voice application providers continue to challenge the traditional voice carriers making it critical for them to differentiate their offerings by delivering high quality and reliable services. An important consideration to support this differentiation that both IP Exchange (IPX) and Next Generation Network (NGN) providers should consider is implementing a true geographical redundant solution for their Class 4 switching network.

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Defining the Modern Media Gateway

by Matt Hoffman

Apr 9, 2014 4:11:42 PM

Media gateways (MGWs) have long been the workhorses of next-generation networks. But as service providers transition to all-IP networks, are media gateways keeping pace with the challenges they’re facing? 

Over the past four years, Infonetics estimates that service providers have spent more than $2.2 billion[M1]  on media gateways alone, and they continue to invest (though admittedly in lower amounts) each year, as the transition to IP accelerates. The fact is that service providers are making money off their existing MGW infrastructures and thus are reluctant to rip them out. In many cases, however, their aging MGW infrastructures are reaching or have reached end-of-life, leaving companies in precarious situations.

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