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Automation is Paramount in Cloud/NFV [Infographic]

by Thomas Schroer

Aug 1, 2016 9:29:37 AM

Network Functions Virtualization is more than just moving network infrastructure functionality to a virtualized environment. It’s about orchestrating, delivering, and managing end-to-end services by chaining together software-based network functions, and doing this in an automated and programmatic fashion.

The NFV list of benefits definitely includes lower CAPEX and OPEX, but more than that, NFV allows operators to be more flexible. It does this by enabling a framework for operators to build networks and roll out services at software speed. It also allows them to automate many tasks that in a traditional network architecture - with elements running on proprietary hardware - cost prohibitive and not feasible.

This infographic highlights some of the areas within Cloud/NFV environments where automation can play a role. For example:

  • Onboarding a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) into a data center cloud
  • Scaling an application by automatically reserving, configuring, and turning up virtual compute and storage capacity as well as loading additional network function resources into those virtual machines

So take a look at ways that NFV is defining standards within data center cloud environments to automate the network infrastructure cloud.

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Automation in Cloud/NFV


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