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Call and Talk to Watson

by Jim Machi

Nov 21, 2017 9:18:00 AM

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The future contact center is an exciting place.  Artificial Intelligence will be front and center.  The elements of some of this exist today.  First of all, we are seeing Chatbots enter the scene which prompt you and respond to you.  Almost human like, really. These are all based on typical questions and answers, and have grown more sophisticated.   And we’re seeing sentiment analysis enter the scene as well where the machine can figure out if you are pissed off or not (as an example) and hand you off to a human at the appropriate time.

Ultimately, we’ll see AI here, where the machine will make sophisticated decisions on how to handle your inquiry – meaning whether to handle itself or hand off to a human. 

Enter “Watson.” We’ve all seen the cool commercials.  But now Watson has entered the IVR/Contact center arena.  Watson can give excellent natural language support and complex conversational support.

Dialogic has integrated our PowerNova application server with Watson, thus allowing real-time communications to take advantage of Watson.  For example, you can have Watson on a conference call and you can ask Watson questions, or prompt Watson to give suggestions.  Maybe just ask Watson to write a blog about Watson.  One can imagine a whole range of how AI integration can help enhance real time communication applications.


Topics: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Video