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Click-to-Call and WebRTC – The Perfect Marriage of Convenience and Technology

by Elhum Vahdat

Apr 22, 2016 6:00:00 PM

C2C and WebRTC

In one of my previous blogs, I used a video ACD example where I referred to Click-to-Call and WebRTC.  In this blog, I want to dig a little deeper and discuss the benefits of a WebRTC-based Click-to-Call application.

What makes the addition of WebRTC to Click-to-Call so blissful? 

 Before the union of these two, Click-to-Call was just that… a call.  Not to mention in most cases, it required you to enter your phone number so you would receive a call back. Therefore, a lot of people say it should have really been called “Request-a-Call.”

Enter WebRTC (play Mendelssohn’s Wedding March).  Of course, there are many benefits to WebRTC, but the most compelling reason to use WebRTC is that it single-handedly solves the incompatibilities for real-time communications by leveraging the web browser as the “application,” facilitating browser-to-browser communication.  Since the browsers themselves include all the capabilities needed to support real-time multimedia communications, no software downloads or registrations are needed, thereby standardizing communications between browsers.

webrtc benefits infographic


Now, I believe WebRTC-based Click-to-Call should really be called “Click-to-Multi-Media” because you can start a voice call, video call, social media interaction, or SMS chat, and who knows what else in the future as WebRTC-supported devices continue to grow.


WebRTC Supporting Devices

But wait, there is another very important benefit this union brings: “Contextual Awareness.”  This means information such as the caller’s browsing history, the page the caller was on when they clicked-to-call, the status of their shopping cart, and other features that enable the agent and the caller to immediately be on the same page (both literally and figuratively) can be pushed through WebRTC to the live agent. Of course, context-based routing to the appropriate agent is also included… all leading to a highly personalized experience.

Imagine callers contacting you with a simple click of a button when they are most interested in your product or service. It will increase your conversion rate of visitors to potential sales opportunities, enable you to sell higher-value products and services, and improve your customer satisfaction level --- all courtesy of the union of WebRTC and Click-to-Call.

Now stop imagining as it is here.

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