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Decoder Rings and Cipher Wheels and Secret Conversations

by Daniel LoPresti

Jan 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM

When my daughters were younger, I remember getting them a secret agent kit. One of the activities in the kit was to build a cipher wheel, which basically consisted of a smaller disk and larger disk fastened together. In my daughters’ kit, both disks had the alphabet printed on them, but they could also contain numbers or symbols. Once  a cipher key was selected, for example, the letter 'O' on the inner disk might correspond to the letter 'J' on the outer disk, my daughters then had a pattern set up that allowed them encode and decode secret messages.

Here is an example of cipher disk used during the American Civil War.


Courtesy of Crypto Museum

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS also has encryption, but it’s a tad more advanced than the cipher wheel that my daughters built. PowerMedia XMS 3.5 adds support for Encrypted Recording of audio and video files. Many applications, such as client/agent interactions at financial institutions, require encryption to protect the content of recorded conversations. Encrypted Recording within XMS provides the ability to encrypt recorded files as they are stored.  The encryption key is secured by an RSA key pair provided by the application, and at no time is unencrypted data written to the disk.

Find out more about PowerMedia XMS at https://www.dialogic.com/xms

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