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Definition of Digital – Customer Drives Decisions

by Elhum Vahdat

Mar 25, 2016 6:00:00 PM


Privacy vs. Security is all over the news and it is not going to go away any time soon, so you might as well sit back, enjoy this epic battle, and grab yourself a soda and some popcorn (I would like mine with butter please).

As Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said, “The case is about much more than a single phone or a single investigation,“ and there is no doubt that it will affect  all of us and how we do what we do.  Of the dozens of articles I have read, the most relevant to me was not the whole privacy vs. security issue, but a few words recently written by Jason Bloomberg in his Forbes article The Apple vs. FBI iPhone Encryption Battle: What It Means For Enterprises

Jason wrote “The definition of digital is the fact that customer desires and preferences are driving enterprise technology decisions.”  For us in the world of applications, this screams FLEXIBILITY, and by flexibility I mean being able to constantly adapt our applications to meet the ever-changing desires and preferences of our subscribers, or lose them to the competition.  Applications generally fall into two categories – revenue-generating (e.g. value-added services) or cost-savings (e.g. self-service customer care) – and both cases affect the bottom line.  If we want to positively impact our bottom line, our decision must be based on the needs of our subscribers.

An example will help illustrate my point of subscribers driving our (application) technology decisions.  Omni-Channel access is a perfect example of flexibility which came from the subscriber’s preference.  We, as the providers of the applications, realized that subscribers would use our applications more often and at various times, if we gave them the option to access the applications via voice, video, SMS, USSD, and/or social media, especially the younger generations.  So we are doing it and it is proving right.  By making our applications more flexible with Omni-Channel, we are now positively impacting our bottom line.

Let’s face it, our customers’ needs driving our enterprise decisions is one of the most fundamental tenets of a successful business (Business 101), which is why Jason’s definition of digital was so on point.  We often need a simple reminder to stay on track, so thanks, Jason.

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