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Dialogic and 5G roaming – Staying Ahead of the Curve with HTTP/2

by Paul Kratz

Aug 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

15384-img-5Groaming-blogMy niece is volunteering in the Peace Corps in West Africa. When her younger sister learned that the 110V hairdryer she wanted to send would not work in the 230V environment in Sierra Leone, she asked an inciteful question, “How come her cellphone works?”. I am a telephony sales engineer by trade, and I was born and raised in South Africa, so naturally she turned to me for an explanation.

I do not get many opportunities to connect with my nieces over the work I do. Unfortunately, Dialogic’s resolve to facilitate and drive the 5G wave that is about to break over our industry, and our role in developing a 5G roaming solution, is not of interest to her.

I hope it is of greater interest to you.

Dialogic is a leading vendor in the space of Diameter Routing for 4G Evolved Packet Core networks and interworking between LTE and legacy networks. Dialogic is focused on maintaining and enhancing the value we bring to the roaming space in general, and on leading the 5G roaming space in particular.

In the 5G Core Network, HTTP/2 replaces Diameter. Dialogic has retooled some products and developed some new capabilities to deliver our first version of an HTTP/2-based 5G roaming solution that meets the emerging requirements demanded:

  • Provide load balanced client 5G signaling traffic to a collection of HTTP/2 proxies
  • Provide security and topology hiding services to both the source and target PLMN, i.e., neither PLMN needs to know anything about each other nor the proxy that is servicing the signaling traffic
  • Provide TLS encryption and decryption offload for the proxies
  • Scale to the level required for very large PLMN deployments

Dialogic has already successfully run 5G signaling traffic through our solution in a lab environment, and we expect to deploy in production environments before the end of this year. We are determined to stay ahead of the curve on this, and if this is of interest to you, I would very much like to compare notes. Tweet us at @Dialogic.


Topics: 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi, Signaling, Load Balancer Software