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The Continuing Evolution of Dialogic

by Chris Boulton

Dec 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

15471-some-endyear2019-blog-imgEvolution is such an important word. It’s probably in my top ten list of ‘important’ words with others like ‘belief’, ‘respect’, ‘diversity’. The word evolution is defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as: “A gradual process of change and development." To add to that, it's the ability to change and develop in conjunction within a time period that is both realistic and achievable

I’ve spoken before about how Dialogic has reshaped, remodeled, and evolved as a company over many years. As I compose this musing and reflect on 2019, I can report that the gradual process of change and development as a company is truly impressive as we head into an exciting year in 2020. In Dialogic’s first full year since the sale of our legacy hardware division, our exciting range of software products has received the dedicated focus it deserves with impressive results in technology advancement and positioning in the marketplace.

Our Unified Communications platform, Dialogic BUZZ, continues to beat expectations as it disrupts a sector that has for too long been dominated by a stifling few monolithic giants. Continued progress, approval, and acceptance as a genuine solution alternative will continue to gain traction in 2020. In all my time working in the technology sector, I’ve not worked with a product that has generated such global interest across a range of sectors from large service provider to small enterprises. Exciting times ahead.

As discussed over a year ago in a previous blog entry, the cornerstone components of Dialogic BUZZ UC are standalone, flagship Dialogic products in their own right, such as our PowerMedia XMS Media Resource Function (MRF), BorderNet Session Border Controller (SBC) and PowerVille Load Balancer. Not only does this provide confidence for our customers but also allows us to control the evolution of Dialogic BUZZ without the reliance on external, third-party components.

It’s not just about evolution of the products but also a shift in mindset related to how they are utilized. Dialogic has been at the forefront of both public and private Cloud technology while at the same time not abandoning its roots in on-prem solutions. The Cloud industry itself is constantly evolving, and keeping pace is not without its challenges. I expect that theme to continue in 2020.

Why do I drag my aching bones out of bed and drive to work? Moving on to the second word in my list, I do so as I have ‘belief’ in the company that I work for, the products it produces and the people that make up the team. Don’t worry – I’m not getting all emotional on you – just highlighting the importance of truly believing in what you do.

On to the word ‘respect’ from my list at the top of this entry. A strong company like Dialogic commands respect due to its legacy and success of the past. Respect doesn’t come for free and it’s the hard work of all Dialogic staffers past and present that maintains the high standards to obtain such acclaim. Respect for the jobs that they do as well as for each other is an important core value that allows us to operate at an appropriate level and to that I salute you.

As for diversity, I’ll leave that to one of my trailblazing pals and experts at https://bartlettbubble.com/. My tip for 2020 is to keep a close eye on the forward-thinking views of Phil B if you truly want your business and personal lives to ‘evolve’ with an ever-changing and diverse brave new world.

In short, 2019 was a key evolutionary year for Dialogic as a company and the excitement is building as we look to make waves in 2020. Make sure you get in touch with our team and join us in riding the crest of the Dialogic wave. Season’s greetings and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to you all and your families – who without question in my view, should always come first.

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