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Dialogic PowerMedia MRF – A Solution You Can Depend On

by Chris Boulton

Sep 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM

powermediamrf-blog-img (002)I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the Dialogic fold nearly four years ago – time flies. After being part of a great experience in creating a new start-up company from scratch, Dialogic seemed to be the perfect landing place for our “baby.” I often ask myself why the marriage was perfect, and so thought I would share some musing of my experience to date as it is an analogous story to those of both new and existing Dialogic customers.

With my technical hat on (admittedly the hat is looking a little worn and thin lately), Dialogic seemed a perfect fit. The leading-edge products that had resulted from that start-up, such as a Media Resource Broker (MRB) and Load Balancer, needed to find a home with a partner that provided a complimentary offering that when combined, would produce a powerful joint solution – namely the Dialogic® PowerMedia® Media Resource Function (MRF). Equally important was the approach of the Dialogic technical teams who enthusiastically welcomed us onboard. This says a lot about a company that has a long tradition of priding itself on the technology it produces. This theme of collaboration also has been maintained during my tenure at Dialogic when dealing with customers, with the goal of building close technology partnerships rather than traditional industry relationships.

Dialogic as a company is steeped in history and has evolved over many years into the software company it is today. The company’s strong brand is evident as I visit customers and partners around the world, who immediately recognize ‘Dialogic’ and usually recount a success story from the past featuring Dialogic technology. Confidence in the company you are trusting with business-critical projects is key when designing leading-edge solutions in areas such as Cloud, WebRTC, and other evolving technologies. You need to know that the companies you collaborate with have got your back when the going gets tough – and that is certainly true of Dialogic. This is another important reason I joined the Dialogic team that resonates with our relationships with our customers and partners. Dialogic is not going anywhere.

Finally, an area already touched on in this blog, the company is all about the people. Dialogic has an impressive team of technologists who thrive at helping meet our customer needs. A culture that was extremely appealing to me and that extends to all our external relationships.

As you can see, the very reason that the PowerMedia solution set is so powerful is rooted in the evolution of Dialogic, its deep history in technology, and the people who make up the very fabric of the company. As other companies come and go over time, Dialogic continues to innovate and build long-standing technology relationships with customers and partners. If you are disgruntled dealing with instability and unknowns when working with other vendors in the Media Resource Function space, I can highly recommend talking to the Dialogic team about your upcoming needs.

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