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Enabling Agility with Virtualized SBC’s [Free Trial Download]

by Jim McLaughlin

Mar 18, 2016 9:55:22 AM

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With the transition to all-IP communications and IP eXchange (IPX) interconnection well underway, Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) have definitely become the workhorses of most modern communication networks today.  By providing real-time interworking for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages flowing between disparate (and often incompatible) service provider networks, SBC’s ensure the interoperability, security, and reliability of IP interconnect, VoIP wholesale, and IMS VoLTE networks around the globe.  Additionally, by supporting capabilities such as NAT traversal, IPv4 to IPv6 conversion, and real-time media format transcoding, today’s modern SBC’s have also become Swiss army knives for carrier-grade real-time communications.

Nonetheless, staying ahead in the ever evolving telecom marketplace requires more than just a Swiss army knife approach.  What service providers really need to beat their competition is network agility.  And fortunately, this network agility is available today in the form of virtualized Session Border Controllers.  Built from the ground up as fully software-based solutions, virtualized SBC’s offer many strategic advantages over traditional hardware-based implementations.  Benefits for service providers include lower total cost of ownership from leveraging commodity hardware or cloud platforms, rapid scalability with simple licensing agreements, and investment protection for the graceful migration from today’s COTS and cloud deployments to tomorrow’s Network Functions Virtualization architectures.

For these very reasons, at Dialogic we fully embrace the migration of traditional hardware-based SBC’s to agile software-based solutions.  In fact, because we want network operators to be able to experience the agility of virtualized SBC’s first-hand, we are pleased to announce that our BorderNetTM  Virtualized Session Border Controller is now available for free trials.  

This offer is no longer available.

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