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Flexibility is Key

by Chris Boulton

Feb 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

15232-blog-flexibility-imgIt’s true you know – I used to be able to touch my toes.

Not many blogs start with a personal revelation like that – bet you are hooked already. As I reflect on the glory days of my youth it is with great pleasure that I reminisce about playing a variety of sports. As a younger man, adapting to multiple sporting disciplines and being flexible in my approach to different challenges was important if I was to succeed. The two important words that need highlighting from that previous sentence are “adapting” and “flexible.” As I have grown into an elder statesman, my ability to adapt is less, and I am certainly less flexible as my pulled muscles will testify.

Here Chris goes again. What point is he trying to make this time? The analogy is important to software, and more specifically the Dialogic product range. Creating great software is a key facet of Dialogic’s DNA but without a flexible and adaptable approach, the products can quickly turn the way of my aging human frame and pulled muscles. While I can’t turn back the clock personally, software gives you a second chance to embrace evolution and change. Being flexible and adaptive in your approach is key to allowing solutions to grow and keep up with our incredibly fast-paced technology industry. The point being made is paramount to Dialogic and is validated with recent company initiatives. Such initiatives include focus on Network Function Virtualization (NFV), public cloud integration, and more recently our product licensing model – the topic being covered in this blog.

In a way, our new approach to licensing is comparable to my 8-year-old loitering with intent around the kitchen when he returns from school. As I am sure folks reading this can relate to, the conversation goes something like this:

“Dad, can I have a biscuit and a glass of milk?”

“Sure, let me get that for you.”

“Dad, I am not full so can I also have a piece of fruit?”

“Sure, let me get that for you.”

“Dad, I am still hungry and it’s dinner time so can I have a sandwich?”

“Sure, it is dinner time so let me get that for you.”

“Dad, I didn’t want the apple after all.”

“OK, let’s put that back in the fruit bowl so that someone else can have it.”

And finally, “Dad, can I have some sweets?”

“Sorry, no sweets left in the kitchen today for you.”

As you can imagine (fingers crossed behind my back at this stage I must admit), I am playing the role of the license authority in the previous interaction while my 8-year-old is the demanding software product. I have a provisioned, finite amount of resources at my disposal that I have purchased and I ensure he is well provisioned to meet his consumption needs over the coming period. When it was realised that one of the resources was not required, it was returned for use by another family member. When a resource was requested that was prohibited, the request was denied (sweets only on a Friday – keep that between us please).

Back to the top of this musing and the focus on adaptability and flexibility. A license is no longer viewed as a commodity that is purchased in numbers and tied down to a specific client consumer.

Just like the contents of my kitchen, the food can be requested and consumed from a central resource as well as being returned if it’s not wanted and offered to others if it’s available.

You spoke – we listened. The world is changing and with it the way you want to consume products and services. The traditional licensing model for many of Dialogic’s products can now be consumed within an array of options that allow customers to pick and choose the most appropriate model. Want to license from the cloud across multiple product instances in varying geographic locations?  Dialogic can support you. Want to manage a pool of licenses within your network across multiple sites during spikey peak traffic? Dialogic can support you. Maybe you even want a traditional method of licensing individual servers? Dialogic has got you covered.

For more information on this topic and all other exciting developments that are bursting out of Dialogic in 2019, please do get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you are at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona then stop by Hall 6, Stand B62 – we’d love to talk.

As for me and my aging frame – what can I do? All this exciting new licensing talk may be well and good, but doesn’t sort out my own personal issues. I think some yoga and mindfulness classes might be in order. Maybe I will just take the advice of Mark Twain:

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

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