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Getting Started with CPaaS

by Alan Percy

Aug 11, 2016 10:53:26 AM

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

The process of developing communications applications is in the midst of a long, over-due update, moving from complex legacy APIs and programming languages to easy-to-understand script and drag-and-drop GUI programming.  A number of Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) providers have sprung to life, based on easy-to-use HTML-like syntax and APIs.  The most significant benefit is bringing application development within the skillset of a huge number of web developers and those without experience in software development.  Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, these new tools make creating real-time communications applications a whole lot easier.

Wouldn’t it be great to write an app that will notify your customers with an automated voice message when their order is ready? Now you can.  Or an app that lets customers call the delivery truck driver, but without  revealing their phone number and recording the call?  Now you can. How about adding voice and video conferencing into a custom social networking app?  Now you can.  What about recording conference calls and automatically capturing a transcription and key words using IBM Watson?  Now you can. And an untold number of great ideas can become a reality with communications applications.

Question is – how do you get started?  You could jump right in and sign up for an account on Twilio, Genband Kandy, Avaya Zang, Nexmo, Telestax Restcom or any one of the CPaaS providers.  They are all viable options to build communications applications using the same base script HTML-like syntax, and in many cases, API compatibility.  However, before you venture off in “the land of self-taught confusion,” how about a little help?

getting started with CPAASAs an enabler to many of these platforms, Dialogic and Telestax are uniquely positioned to help developers get started with some instruction, a collection of sample programs, and a little inspiration. We’re pleased to announce that Dialogic and Telestax have organized a series of educational one-day workshops, with the goal to prepare developers to build custom communications applications leveraging WebRTC, mobility, SIP Trunking and many other new communications technologies.  With sessions planned in four US cities, two in Europe, and one in Japan, there are a total of seven opportunities this fall to attend one of the workshops.  Jam packed with hands-on exercises, the workshop will cover the basics needed to get started, provide a number of sample programs and an account on a cloud-based development platform for you to use during and after the workshop.

To keep things fun (and a little competitive), every workshop session will close with a “micro hackathon,” offering an opportunity for participants to share an application idea (and optionally demonstrate their app) to win some fun prizes.

Sound like fun?  We think so!  You can see the complete list of dates and locations, and reserve a seat for one of the workshops by visiting the WebRTC & Cloud Communications Workshop landing page.

So to answer the question – Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  Yes, now you can.  

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