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Grading My 2015 Predictions

by Jim Machi

Dec 8, 2015 8:45:47 AM

2015_predictions_grade Jim Machi

Last year around this time, I made some predictions for the industry for 2015. How did I do?

My first prediction was about hearing about 5G big time, including seeing lots of signage in Mobile World Congress.  Yes, that definitely happened so I get an A.

I also said we’d be able to roam on LTE in 2015, including actually experiencing LTE roaming in 2015.  Yes, I experienced that roaming in the 2nd half of 2015 in both APAC and Europe.  So again, get an A.  Then again, I said this the prior year and gave myself an F last year, so I think this was an easy class.

I also said we’d start to see value added VoLTE apps such as VoLTE voice mail, etc. occur.  As far as I know, they are just being deployed now so we’ll go for a B there.

I also said we’d see either Microsoft or Apple get involved with WebRTC. With ORTC, Microsoft is supporting basically WebRTC 1.1.  So, yes they are involved but not really with the WebRTC of today.  So I get a C there.  I thought more progress would be made.

Regarding NFV, I said NFV standards and management and orchestration issues would take more of a center stage. Did they? Wellllllll, sort of.  More work was done in this area, but NFV is not as further ahead as I thought it would be. I would give myself a C for this.

I guess there is a trend here – I am too optimistic!  But there is a lot going on in our industry and the dynamic nature makes it fun for everyone.  Next week I’ll make my 2016 predictions.

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