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Great Application Ideas from the Developer Workshop Series

by Alan Percy

Nov 9, 2016 8:31:01 AM

Dialogic Telestax Developer WorkshopWhen you get a group of creative minds together in the same room, you really never know what the result will be.  Over the last few weeks, Dialogic and Telestax have held a series of one-day WebRTC and Cloud Communications Developer Workshops, offering participants an opportunity to learn how to quickly create new voice and video-enabled communications applications.  With stops in Parsippany, NJ; Santa Clara, CA; Naperville, IL; and Dallas, TX; we were fortunate to meet some amazing people with even more amazing ideas.  As a final agenda item during each workshop, we asked the developers to give us some ideas on how they could use what they learned.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the ideas.

The financial services industry is in a constant battle with identity verification, trying to stem the tide of identity theft and fraud.  During the Parsippany workshop, two participants from the financial services industry had an idea to use Restcomm and PowerMedia XMS for two-step authentication with video facial recognition and recording to capture user credentials.

The 911 system is an antiquated technology and application that is ripe for a total do-over, especially when calculating and delivering location information.  What if instead of dialing a phone number, a mobile application would be used to summon help, using location services native to the device to come up with a more precise location?  GPS, WiFi hotspot, and Bluetooth beacon information is already widely used for location services – why not use it for an enhanced 911 replacement?   A proposed application from a participant in Santa Clara would collect the location information, user details, optional medical information and establish a voice or video call with first responders. With call control scripts written in Telestax Restcomm Mark-up language, the recording and collaboration would be handled by PowerMedia XMS.

A challenge for an aging population is regular access to health care providers by seniors and people with limited mobility.  One of our participants in the Santa Clara workshop proposed a Telehealth application to make it easier for providers and patients to communicate.  One specific area of care that needs regular monitoring is medication tracking and watching for side-effects.  The proposed application would combine a medication reminder with a click-to-call feature, allowing patients to confirm medication usage while putting professional staff just a click away.

While we may joke about it, fax messaging continues to be a big part of select industries, taking on a role in document management.  From contracts and legal documents to medical records, fax continues to be a secure and reliable means to transport valuable information.  An idea was hatched in our Naperville workshop to combine voice, video and fax into secure managed storage, useful for depositions and other legal and medical exchanges that have a need to archive information in a single secure location.

This week we move to Europe with a session in Paris, France on November 10th and Lisbon, Portugal on November 17th.  We’re looking forward to great participation and some new ideas from the attendees.  Interested in joining us?  We’d love to have you join us - registration and more information can be found on the WebRTC Developer Workshop site.

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