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Hello, Welcome, and Thank You…  All Things RTC Applications

by Elhum Vahdat

Feb 26, 2016 6:00:00 PM


Hello and welcome to my (maiden) blog, which I call “All Things RTC Applications”.  As the new Vice Present of Applications Marketing at Dialogic, I look forward to sharing my experiences, thoughts, and insights as they relate to present and future real-time communications applications.

Why, you may ask, should I subscribe to this blog and take the time to read it on a regular basis?  A fair question, so here is a little background on me… as the co-founder of APEX Communications, which was recently acquired by Dialogic (press release), for the past 27 years APEX’s focus was designing, developing, and delivering applications and application platforms to wireless and wireline network operators, value added service Providers (VASPs), call/contact centers, and enterprises globally.  With over 15,000 installations across 100 countries, including more than 250 Network Operators and VASPs, APEX’s Service Delivery Platforms, Application Servers, and Service Ready Solutions have been the foundation for network, customer care, and value-added multi-media services answering millions of calls and messages every day.

Want more reasons?  OK…  since 1989, our products have enabled our customers to generate revenue, minimize churn, reduce OPEX, improve customer care, and ensure scalability and flexibility, as their market demands grew and user needs changed.  As a leader, APEX continuously increased the value it brought to its customers by providing products that enhanced the end-user experience and increased customer satisfaction, allowing companies to remain competitive in their respective markets worldwide.

A heads up that my blog is not a technical blog.  My focus is to discuss the business-side of applications and how they impact both the user and the provider.  Also, I always look forward to your feedback and comments, so feel free to e-mail me at elhum.vahdat@dialogic.com.  Thank you!

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