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How far can you go alone?

by Miguel Lopes

Jan 23, 2019 9:00:00 AM

“Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus." – Simon Mainwaring

15214-img-buzzblog-do-aloneThere are plenty of quotes describing how collaboration and partnerships are key to success in most industries – and the Unified Communications (UC) industry is no exception. As the industry grows, so does the scope of expected features in a UC platform, and the reality is that no vendor is an expert in every aspect of UC. This is why partnerships are crucial not only to extending a UC platform’s functionalities but also, most importantly, to ensuring that quality is maintained.

As an example, many service providers expect a powerful analytical tool, which they can use to manage their routes, terminations, and voice services, be paired with their UC platform. Dialogic is an expert in media processing and real-time communications, and has quite a history in application development leveraging our areas of expertise. We could build a BSS or OSS application, but it is not our “cup of tea.”  Therefore, for the Dialogic BUZZ UC platform, we preferred to partner with other vendors who are experts in BSS and OSS, such as Orca Wave. This example of partnering applies to other aspects of our platform, including fraud detection, AI, and IoT.

But integrating partners’ solutions can become a user experience (UX) nightmare, especially if the various platforms are not seamlessly integrated to look like a single platform. That requires careful thinking and an API-centric mindset where the UX is put first. Multiple portals and authentication processes are not good practice and add complexity. Any benefits of offering these third-party features may be completely erased without careful thought on how everything fits together and the implications for the end user.

The Dialogic BUZZ UC platform was created from the start with a strategy incorporating a  strong partner ecosystem.  We focused on an enhanced API framework, facilitated by a microservice distributed architecture. The result is the ability to add as many ecosystem partners as desired to improve our platform capabilities without compromising UX. A key component of the Dialogic BUZZ roadmap is to continue working and enhancing that aspect or our solution to ensure that we remain an intuitive and engaging platform. This approach also allows us to offer a tailored user experience that is improved by interworking with IoT devices and extended by using AI to incorporate advanced features such as chatbots, call transcription, intent analysis, workflow automation, and fraud detection leveraging the best that each vendor has to offer.

We are excited to work with partners to pave a successful road for our products while enhancing our customers’ experience, all while raising the bar on the business communications paradigm. After all, only together can we achieve that goal.

To learn more about Dialogic BUZZ and our ecosystem of partners click here.

Topics: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Unified Communications and Collaboration