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Internet Telephony Expo: Still Relevant?

by Jim Machi

Aug 5, 2014 7:44:07 AM


I’ve attended the ITExpo for many years, and lately I’ve been asking myself, “Is this event still relevant?” At one time, ITExpo stood for Internet Telephony Expo and well, long gone are the days when we need special conferences to learn about VoIP. This year’s event is taking place in Las Vegas next week, and while I like Vegas, do I really want to be there when it’s 112 degrees?

The answer is yes. Despite the heat, I’m looking forward to speaking at the ITExpo next week because I’m confident that it’s still a relevant event. Why? First of all, like all of us in the industry, the ITExpo organizers have been nimble and willing to change. The conference is no longer just about VoIP, though of course VoIP elements such as WebRTC are part of the program. The new focus is broader: relevant new technology topics that impact our industry. ITExpo now bills itself as the “Business Technology Event,” and it really is. Attendees get the chance gain insights about the future of the industry and up-and-coming technology.

On the ITExpo website, conference-goers are encouraged to “talk to strangers.” While this is bad advice for kids, it’s perfect for anyone attending the event. Every time you talk to someone new at the ITExpo, you’re bound to learn something interesting. That’s one of the main reasons I go.

I’ll be speaking on the “Generating Revenue with WebRTC” panel on August 13. Dialogic has a lot of customers with WebRTC projects, so I’ll be sharing some examples and explaining how WebRTC can help companies increase revenue.

One other benefit of the ITExpo is its co-located events, such as the SmartVoice conference. If you’ll be there, stop by my panel on Monday, August 11 to learn about actionable voice and voice analytics