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Introducing DialogicONE!

by Peter Kuciak

Apr 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The challenge from our communication service provider customers is very clear – we need new applications and services to protect and grow ARPU.  We need differentiated new offerings that go beyond connectivity and security of our networks.  We need to launch new solutions much faster than before.  We need to compete on more than just price.  And my favorite ask – we need access to the latest digital technologies, so that our solutions include an exceptional user experience.

At first glance, this list looks like a “let’s roll up our sleeves and crank out a new platform” scenario.  Ok.  So does this planet need “YAP”– Yet Another Platform (I’m getting good at creating new funky acronyms).  The answer most people would give is NO WAY!  They’d suggest using what is out there – there must be a platform you can utilize to do what you are thinking. Well we did… and it was underwhelming to put it simply.  Our goal was to have a foundation that brings the telecom world together with the digital world – so new solutions and applications can leverage both.  Integrating the telco and digital world can be done relatively simply and quickly, everything has an API these days.  What we set our targets on is not just to do things simply and quickly, but also extremely well.  We set our strategy to not just connect things together, but do so in a way that the applications actually become SMART. Not just SMART because someone added the word “smart” to a light, sensor, thermostat, garage opener, or office/industrial device, but actually to create a better experience for the end user.

These are some of the reasons DialogicONE platform was born.  Over the past two years we built proof of concepts, pilots, deployments, and designs that gave us many supporting integrations in both telecom and digital environments. Now we provide the ability to orchestrate and deploy many innovative solutions for Tier1 communication service providers.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing DialogicONE as the application orchestration and integration platform inside a service provider network:

  • Leverage your existing core network assets – you spent a lot of money on them, you have QoS and security like no other – let’s leverage these. IMS is a perfect example of core technology that should be utilized for next generation, reimagined solutions that include: voice, video, and messaging.
  • Provide access to the ever-evolving digital world – conversational user interfaces, context-sensitive UX, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. These allow your product managers to get creative.
  • Allow you to create and deploy new exciting solutions quickly. You can start to control your own destiny and not continue buying the same applications, from the same vendors, and have to compete on just price.

dialogicone-overview-700x475Figure 1: Connect these ecosystems with DialogicONE

Communication service providers are starting to better understand their end users.  It is not a surprise that exceptional user experience is an absolute must these days – users expect applications that not only work, but work in an intuitive, easy, frictionless manner.  As an end user, I want freedom Mr. Service Provider!  I want to ask my Alexa smart speaker to tell me how much mobile data my kids have used. Sometimes I need to know where my kids took the car and get notified when they arrive at their destination safely.  I need the ability to control when my kids are accessing the internet and what type of content they are able to see – whether they are at the house, in the park, or at a local restaurant which provides free WiFi.  Kids these days are growing up with a lot of technology around them – they will expect such features, and many more, when they get their own service provider accounts.  Until then, since I pay for it all, I should be able to ask questions and get answers or notifications simply and have the ability to customize services to my liking.  Does your service provider give you such capabilities?  Do they expand the services with new features?  Do you love it so much that you would recommend that service provider to your family and friends?

I might be a power user but I want to know things. I want to interact with things. I want to do it when I want to, how I want to, and I really need to feel that these solutions are learning as I’m using them, so I do not have to repeat myself too many times.  I’ve outlined smart home / smart family examples, but you can see how there would be similar challenges in enterprise, business, and industrial environments.  DialogicONE is used by service providers to deliver next-generation applications for enterprise and industrial purposes as well – some of those are not as easy (nor exciting) to explain to your significant other but your imagination can now create those exceptional user experiences.

Officially launching DialogicONE at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2018 was a fantastic experience.  We were able to finally showcase what we have been building for the past two years and the response was a huge “thumbs up” from everyone we met.  After hundreds of meetings, demos, and discussions about real customer needs, we are confident we have created a great product and a great YAP!  If you are hungry for applications (Mr. CSP) that will excite your users, allow you to control your own destiny and do so quickly, let’s roll up the sleeves and discuss how we can help.

dialogicone-mwc-2018Introducing DialogicONE at Mobile World Congress 2018


Dialogic is focused on helping communication service providers deploy new applications and solutions quickly by leveraging DialogicONE.  We work on next-generation solutions that bridge the silos inside telecom and digital worlds, provide application orchestration, and create innovative applications quickly.

We are experts in telecom, with over 30 years of experience, as well as architects of next-generation applications and services built for service providers globally.  We have solutions to the above challenges and a proven track record working with service providers to leverage the past to move aggressively into the future.

Visit the DialogicONE product information page for more information.

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