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Introducing PowerVille LB – A Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications

by Alan Percy

Jan 12, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Many of the traditional methods widely used by the telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMS) to deliver high-reliability large-scale applications are no longer cost effective in a web-centric world.  Large purpose-built and redundant hardware solutions don’t fit a world that is moving to the cloud, depending on virtualized or COTS server platforms.  

Building large-scale and highly-reliable applications is a challenge that the web-application world has solved with Application Deliver Controllers (ADCs), essentially an intelligent load balancer for web, database, and other network-based traffic  performing select mundane web services and distribute work-load across multiple application servers.  Resilience is a key benefit of using ADCs, allowing one or more application servers to fail, while the work-load is distributed to still-functioning application servers.

However, as good as ADCs are in handling web traffic, they have some significant shortcomings when used in real-time communications applications:

  • Poor Handling of RTC protocols - lacking support for WebRTC and related standard protocols
  • Configuration Complexity – trying to address many different use cases, ADCs are notoriously difficult to configure
  • Expensive – with pricing designed for large-scale web services, ADCs are expensive to acquire and maintain
  • Hardware-based – with dedicated appliance hardware, ADCs are difficult to dynamically add into virtualized and cloud deployments
  • SIP Support – lacking support to intelligently handle layer 5/6 traffic, including SIP 3xx and 4xx messages

Addressing these shortcomings, Dialogic this week announced the Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications.  As a software-only and cloud-ready offering, PowerVille LB is specifically designed for the web-enabled real-time communications application market. Uniquely designed to meet challenges for today’s demanding carrier and enterprise applications, PowerVille LB can be deployed in cloud or on premise implementations, supporting geographic diversity and resilience.   The product of extensive collaboration with a major European Tier 1 service provider, Dialogic PowerVille LB holds a proven track-record of scaling and reliability.

Core network functions facilitated by PowerVille LB include:

  • Improved network resilience and reliability
  • Balancing requests from multiple application servers or App server clusters
  • Efficient utilization and allocation of incoming traffic across a pool of service nodes
  • Improving overall application server performance via assistive functions such as traffic grooming, encryption offload, service affinity
  • Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure for rapid and quantifiable network impact
  • Ease of use, as well as low complexity operations management

As an addition to the already popular PowerMedia XMS media server and PowerMedia MRB media resource broker, PowerVille LB creates a complete solution for real-time communication application designers.  Available entirely from Dialogic, a complete solution is expected to be more cost effective, reduce staff training, and easier to support.

To learn more about Dialogic PowerVille LB, visit the product information page and read the full press release

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