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IoT and Real-Time Communications Convergence (Part 2)

by Jim Machi

Sep 5, 2017 10:36:01 AM

jim machi blog iot and rtc p2 090517.png

In my August 15th blog, I introduced a whitepaper we have about IoT and Real-Time Communications.  I’ve gotten a few comments about that blog and whitepaper along the lines of “I hadn’t really thought of that” to “it’s inevitable.” The reason Dialogic wanted this whitepaper and is making it available are for those very reasons – to get people to think about what might be possible.  Our industry knows real-time communications very well and there is opportunity for us to grow there.

The graphic above shows potential intersections between IoT and video real-time communications.  It is explained more in the whitepaper.  Integrated real-time communications certainly makes sense with selected IoT use cases.  It’s impossible for a single person to even try to conceive of all of them.  But all of us can potentially see opportunities in our little spaces.  Start with a PoC.  Dialogic can help.  To find out more, watch the video about converging real-time communications and IoT, or  please read the whitepaper.

Topics: Internet of Things, Communications Application Development