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Time for IPX/Wholesale Operators to Pivot to Next Gen Services (Video)

by Thomas Schroer

Nov 4, 2016 10:04:45 AM

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Joanne Turner from Total Telecom TV at the recent Carriers World and IPX Conference in London. We rehashed some of the topics and key “take-aways” from the two day conference (I covered these in more depth in a couple earlier blogs; one on a roundtable I chaired on virtualization and NFV, and another on a panel I participated on where we discussed collaboration efforts and pushing the IPX envelope with next gen applications and services.) In the video we go on to talk about the various facets of virtualization of infrastructure and services in the wholesale space:

  • Benefits - increased service velocity
  • Inhibitors - skills gap, and
  • Challenges - interoperability

Although I would say solving interoperability issues is well within the wheel house of IPX/wholesale operators’ core strengths.

Finally, I touch upon the services pivot by operators beyond a pure minutes play to hosted/managed voice, VoLTE/LTE hubbing, and contextual white label voice and video services. So take a look and let me know what you think by tweeting us @Dialogic. If you want to know more about layering on capabilities to offer differentiated services on top of existing IPX/wholesale infrastructure, reach out to me at Thomas.Schroer@dialogic.com.



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