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ITW and the Importance of Services

by Jim Machi

May 24, 2016 9:00:00 AM

ITW and the Importance of Services

As many of you know, ITW has historically been about wholesale voice minutes exchange.  But as voice minutes exchange has lessened in importance in the industry (due to OTT Peer to Peer offerings such as Skype, etc.), this show has been more about what these minutes exchangers should do to grow.  As an example, a couple of years ago, I created a marketing piece specifically for this show about HD Voice due to the coming VoLTE offerings or WebRTC offerings, and transcoding this to other formats so that HD voice minutes could be part of an offering.  People looked at me askew those few years ago. But now, everyone knows about HD Voice so the concept of additional services is clearly taking root.

The i3Forum is looking at these issues as well.  There are many working groups devoted to various service improvement offerings, with both vendors and service providers participating on these working groups.  The fact that there are working groups devoted to these service offerings is a big step towards trying to work out a growth strategy.

During 2016 ITW, NFV also took a more prominent role.  One reason, obviously, is because this is a very good vehicle for cost reduction.  But really, the concept of service agility and adding services quickly is another great reason this was a topic for ITW. 

As always, ITW was a great show for Dialogic because of all the meetings we had, and I look forward to continuing to come to this show as the whole audience pivots to a service oriented growth strategy.

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