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[Podcast] Jim Machi on the Future of Dialogic's App Strategy

by Chika Kim

Feb 25, 2016 9:27:09 AM

Dialogic has been enabling applications for a long time. But enabling applications is very different than building them. And over the years, our customers started asking us to get more and more involved in app development. We listened.  We'll still be in the enabling applications business, but we'll also develop custom apps and offer white-label PowerVille Applications Portfolio for customers who want them.

But Dialogic also has customers that are in the application space. So a big concern was stepping into our customers' business territory. To that, Jim Machi told Alan Percy, "We pre-briefed a few of our cusomters who might have issues, and so far there are no concerns. In fact, some of our customers came back and said 'Hey, I was thinking about going into the area. Maybe you can help me.'" Jim Machi goes on to say, "So, I think it's fine but we'll be happy to talk to them if anyone has any concerns."

Listen to the full podcast below from the Communication Developer Zone pocast by Alan Percy with Jim Machi, SVP of Product Management and Marketing, to hear more on the thoughts on the decision, and the application development strategy going forward. 

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Topics: WebRTC, Events, Communications Application Development