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LTE and Voice = VoLTE

by Jim Machi

Oct 25, 2016 9:26:50 AM

VoLTE Growth

Every year, Ericsson puts out a nice overall Mobility Report in June.  I’m finally getting around to reading it now.  There is some really nice information in there about IoT growth and 5G.

However, this one graphic really struck me.  Readers of my blog know I’ve been writing about VoLTE and Value-Added Service (VAS) applications recently, with my point being we are just at the cusp of seeing VAS growth with VoLTE.  

Some of the VAS will be the same types of value-added services as we see today (i.e. conferencing), but we’re also going to see new types of value-added services where voice is just a part of the service, not the main part of the service. 

This graph shows the huge potential with being attached to VoLTE.  I would suspect a large proportion of these applications will be run in a cloud of some sort.  Dialogic will be there to help either at the application layer or the media server layer.

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