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Most Forgotten App Development Best Practice

by Jim Machi

Jun 7, 2016 9:24:57 AM

App Development Best Practice

On April 19, Dialogic’s Alan Percy hosted a webinar on “Application Development Best Practices.”  To listen to the webinar, please click here.  While I was listening to that webinar, I had my Product Management hat on.  In my blogs, I typically write about what’s going on in the market, but today will be different. I’m going to get into my product management persona for a bit.

Everything they talked about in the webinar, such as using an Open Architecture, looking towards the future, and having mobile in mind is excellent advice.  However, no matter how you cut it, one big item is understanding the requirements before you start.  Even in an agile development method, one needs to understand the requirements.  Agile doesn’t mean you just go for it but the team discusses the requirements and prepares for what they need to do.  That is going to save you time and money in the long run.

At any rate, go forth and develop.  Just remember to think a little bit about the requirements before you start.

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