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My Take on Voice over WiFi

by Tim Moynihan

Aug 15, 2016 10:42:13 AM

voice over wifi calling verizon wireless

I live in a small town outside New York City in a very densely populated area.  However, ever since I’ve had a mobile phone, I have had inconsistent mobile phone service from my wireless provider – Verizon Wireless.  When I make phone calls from my home, often I have to stand out on the back yard and find just the right location to get decent service.  And forget about LTE service.  

I know for sure that Verizon Wireless is trying to rectify the service problems in our town by applying to install a network of antennae.  However, they are being delayed by town politics and townspeople worrying about radiation issues and aesthetics.

Most of us in the town have learned to live with this poor level of service, and no one is happy.  When we get together with neighbors, the discussion always gets around to bad mobile service. That is, who is providing the least worst level of service: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile.  These discussions have been going on for years. Everyone is willing to switch to a new provider once a good solution is found.

In this environment, I decided to configure my iPhone for Voice over WiFi service.  My carrier, Verizon Wireless, enabled Voice over WiFi on the latest release of my iPhone.  I was hoping that the voice quality was better and that there would be no more dropped calls.

I’ve been very happy.  The voice quality has been consistently good and I’m having no dropped calls. 

The mobile carriers are making big investments in a range of mobile technology and solutions to keep up with surge in usage.  See Jim Machi’s blog with commentary on the latest Cisco VNI forecast.

I’ve always been loyal to Verizon Wireless, and have had to settle for inconsistent service when home.  However, the new Voice over WiFi capability is something I’m very impressed with.   I think I’ll be with Verizon for a while now.

The neighbors and I will have to find something else to complain about around town now.

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