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Patents and PowerMedia XMS: Good for Dialogic…and Our WebRTC Customers

by Rick Roos

Apr 4, 2014 4:38:31 PM


Lots of companies talk about how groundbreaking and innovative their products are. But whether those products relate to WebRTC, Diameter, or media servers, the fact is that there’s often not much these companies actually do to back up their claims, leaving customers wondering if what they’re getting is indeed top quality and state-of-the-art, let alone better than the alternatives.

But at Dialogic, we aren’t content to just ask you to take us at our word that our products leverage the newest developments; we prove it by incurring the significant time, effort and out-of-pocket expense of filing for and receiving patents on technology that’s incorporated into our products. But we’re glad to do so, since it represents a true “win-win” situation for Dialogic and our customers.

And while Dialogic is certainly proud of its entire patent portfolio – which numbers more than 200 issued and pending patents worldwide, including more than 110 issued patents in the U.S. alone – we’re particularly pleased that our PowerMedia XMS media server incorporates a variety of important technologies that are the subject of an amazing 10 issued or pending patents, with plans for more patent filings in 2014.  This level of patent activity - especially for a company of Dialogic’s size, - underscores our dedication to our XMS customers because we’re taking steps to protect proprietary features that help make XMS a unique and pioneering product.

In future blogs, I’ll keep you updated about new patents granted to Dialogic, whether related to XMS or other products. That way, you can be confident that Dialogic is continuing to work hard to protect key technology for the sake of our products, our customers and our industry.

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