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Ready, Set, Go.  Everything We're Doing at Mobile World Congress.

by Chika Kim

Feb 16, 2016 4:05:23 PM


Mobile World Congress is THE biggest and most influential mobile event. Last year, it had a record-breaking 94,000+ attendees from 200 countries. Needless to say, there will be a lot of things going on. Once again, Dialogic will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress on Feb 22-25 in Hall 6 B62. It came at a perfect time for us since we just launched our new application strategy, PowerVille Applications, and new brand identity. Carrying this momentum into Mobile World Congress, we’ve set up a lot of exciting demos, meet ups, and tours. Here’s everything we’re doing consolidated into one page.


We’ll have five different demos working around the clock during Mobile World Congress.

1. NFV Interoperability between Dialogic’s award winning PowerMedia XMS and MRB and Oracle’s Orchestration and Management Application. Real-Time multimedia focused applications that provide collaborative, contextual, and interactive voice video will be a major consumer of resources in evolving virtualized networks. And many are jumping on the NFV train because it promises flexibility, elasticity, automation and a shift away from proprietary hardware with an industry backed framework built on open standards. But it will mean nothing without ecosystem interoperability. You can see how the PowerMedia XMS VNFs and Oracle’s VNF Manager work together to make a smooth-sailing, heavily-automated virtualized environment. You can also see a snippet of a previous Dialogic-Oracle demo

2. PowerMedia XMS real-time Any-to-Any transcoding for WebRTC applications (including VP9). We take pride that PowerMedia XMS transcodes a wide variety of codecs real-time (see the datasheet for full details). We’re excited to announce that PowerMedia XMS now supports VP9-based WebRTC video. VP9 is a new codec that is developed by Google and is used in YouTube and Chrome. We believe PowerMedia XMS is the first media server to do this, and are excited to help with the widespread adoption of WebRTC. See PowerMedia XMS transcode VP9, as well as any other codec, and learn how PowerMedia XMS enables scaling, new applications, and interoperability.     

3. PowerVille Enterprises Services Suite. See our new applications in person. You can see how Visual IVR, WebRTC, and the Customer Self Care via Social Media on our new applications work.

4. SoftBank Mobile Video Chat Rooms. Did you know SoftBank’s video chat rooms run on PowerMedia XMS? It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, allows for seamless document and desktop sharing, and can support more participants per conference than any other MCU in the market.

5. Media Interactive Advanced Video Conferencing for the Digital Workspace solution. Media Interactive’s platform, built on PowerMedia XMS, is an advanced, user friendly, feature rich, open, adaptable and cost effective answer to the demands of digital workplace. It offers complete set of well integrated collaboration tools which include virtual rooms, video conference, PSTN telephony and document sharing. It connects every room, desk, pocket and location into unified workplace.


Want to see these demos? Email mwc@dialogic.com to book a time. If you’re not attending, but would like to see what’s to come, write us and we’d be happy to set something up.

WebRTC Meet Up – MWC edition


Poblenou campus Auditorium - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) where WebRTC Meetup will be held

 On Tuesday Feb 23 at 5pm, join 120 others (and counting) who are also interested in learning about the recent advancements, requirements, and predictions of WebRTC. Before the meet up officially begins, grab some food and drinks (Thanks, Oracle!) to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. The MC of the night, our very own WebRTC guru, Vince Puglia, will kick off the sessions with a recap of major milestones and challenges in WebRTC this past year. Then, learn about the new WebRTC standards from Dominique Hazael Massiux from W3C, Victor Pascual from Oracle, and Istvan Latjos from GSMA, and then about “Accelerating the Mobile Developer Experience” with Oscar Divorra from Toxbox, Guy Redmill from Gintel, and Jean Deruelle from Telestax. End the day with drinks on us at Sopa Barcelona.


Outside view of Sopa Barcelona

Don’t miss out! Be sure to RSVP to the event: http://www.meetup.com/WebRTC-Barcelona/events/227031652/

IOPN Awards:


PowerMedia XMS MRF/MRB is a finalist for "Best Solution Combining Intelligence with Open Networking" at the IOPN Awards!  The Intelligent Open Networking (IOPN) Awards is an industry initiative recognizing and rewarding services and solutions that successfully combine intelligence with open networking. They're judged independently by members of leading industry analysts, Heavy Reading, IHS Infonetics and ABI Research.We'll be at the awards ceremony on Tuesday 23 at the Bar-Restaurant Glub. Congratulations to Intel and Velocloud for also qualifying! May the best solution win!

5G and NFV Tours:

Go on a tour with a NFV/SDN and 5G experts to get objective answers to your questions. You’ll go around to different key leaders in this new ecosystem and get a sense of the new initial use cases, as well as the technology requirements in consideration for 5G.

During your tour, you’ll have a chance to stop by our booth and learn more about how we help make sure you set up your NFV network correctly to enable 5G.

Sign up for the 5G and NFV Tour: https://www.mobileworldcongress.com/5g-nfv-tour/

Personalized Consulting Experience:

With so much going on, the telecom industry can be hard to navigate. We are, and have been, at the forefront of the telcom industry since we started 30 years ago. With our history and wide range of experiences, we can help you with your network challenges whether that is virtualizing, media processing, or managing your network. We look at the best course of action for you. Set up a meeting to talk to us about your challenges, and see how we can help.


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