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Real Time Communications Moving to the Forefront of Web-Based Solutions

by Tim Moynihan

Jun 15, 2016 4:35:43 PM

Real Time Communications Moving to the Forefront of Web-Based Solutions

There’s been quite a buzz coming out of Apple’s recent announcement about iOS 10.  What caught my eye was the part  about messaging.  Here at Dialogic we often highlight real time communications (RTC) solutions and how we can make those solutions great by working with partners.  So when I see an article in TechCrunch   with the headline “Apple’s iOS10 Finally, Truly Begins the Mobile Messaging War,” it’s something to take note of.

Real-time communications takes its form as messaging, voice, and video applications.  I think the author is right in that the new battle lines for messaging solutions are being drawn around the web and applications; and how additional differentiators will be around connections and payments. 

In recent times, growing number of web developers have been buying development platforms from Dialogic to incorporate real-time communications into their web-based solutions.  The industry is just beginning to see this take place.  There are new tools, API level programming, and development kits to make it easier for web developers to embed RTC in their application.  We’ve seen quite a range of applications being developed from web-based customer service solutions to payment type applications.

Messaging has proven to be an effective and efficient as a standalone solution.  It’s going to be exciting to see messaging as an integral part in a whole new range of new web-based applications.

Topics: WebRTC, Communications Application Development