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Scaling Your Business With A Real-Time Communications Load Balancer [Avaya and Scansource Webinar]

by Chika Kim

Apr 14, 2017 10:42:19 AM

PowerVille LB WEBINAR.jpg

With Dialogic PowerVille LB recently becoming Avaya DevConnect certified, this has opened up doors for Dialogic to help scale and enhance the reliability of real-time communications applications for Avaya customers. We put together a webinar for partners and resellers of network solution architects, designers, and non-technical sales contributors looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in improving their real-time communications infrastructure.

What’s so special about the PowerVille LB? It’s uniquely designed for real-time communications, so it has specialized capabilities typically not handled by general purpose Load Balancers or Application Delivery Controllers. It is also a pure software solution that can be deployed in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid architectures, integrating Avaya and non-Avaya applications into a unified scaling and resilience strategy.

The webinar covers:

  • Challenges network architects face when scaling SIP applications
  • Benefits in reliability and scaling with load balancers
  • Integration into Avaya Session Manager deployments 
  • Overview of the Avaya DevConnect Application Materials
  • How to enhance margins with a load balancer offer

Register here to get a recorded video of the live webinar!

Topics: Events, Communications Application Development