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Service Reliability – Not What it Used to Be

by Alan Percy

Jun 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Service Reliability – Not What it Used to Be

As we become increasingly dependent on IP networks and applications for everyday business and commerce, what used to be a “convenience” has now turned into a “necessity”.  

In a briefing this week with Michael Suby, VP of Research at Frost and Sullivan, he and I spent some time talking about the increasing dependence on IP networks and the impact of broadband penetration.  His research shows a steady increase in network bandwidth utilization, end-user devices, and application proliferation.   The questions is, with the increasing dependence on IP networks, what risks are we taking?  What are the best practices to improve reliability?

Stepping back, we talked about the evolution of IP applications, looking back to when businesses offered new services and applications to consumers as a “convenience” or to off-load work from their office staff or contact center.   Self-service applications were thought of as an alternative to calling or visiting a storefront.  In those early days, if the self-service application failed, a customer could always pick up the phone or run over to the local store to perform their transaction.

As adoption grew and the consumers got more comfortable with mobile “apps”, on-line transactions and virtual storefronts, what once was a “convenience” turned into to a “necessity”, essentially becoming the primary point of interaction between consumers and the business.   On-line stores, banks, insurance and other industries were becoming completely dependent on their IP applications, web sites and mobile applications to generate revenue and communicate with their customers.   Amazon.com, esurance, PayPal, and many other examples demonstrate the shift to applications as the primary point of interaction with customers.

With the shift, the question is: “How have network designers made those applications more reliable?”

Michael will be kicking off a discussion on this topic and take a closer look at the role of load balancers in service reliability during a webinar I’ll be hosting titled:  “Service Reliability of IP-based Communications is Not Optional” a one-hour live event on Friday, June 24th at 11 AM ET.  Also joining us will also be James Rafferty, Product Line Manager for Dialogic, explaining some of the techniques available to improve service reliability of IP networks. 

We’d like to invite you to register for the event and join us for the live event, giving you an opportunity to pose questions and interact.

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