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Six Cool Smart Connected Devices

by Thomas Schroer

May 24, 2017 12:07:32 PM

I reached out across the globe to some of my coworkers who are up on all things IoT and AI, and asked them to share some cool innovations they’ve recently come across. Here’s six that they wanted to share.

That Little Voice in Your Head is Getting Smart


This “hearable” may become that “little voice inside your head.” Bragi has developed its personal assistant earbuds, which acts as a computer, language translator, workout tracker all-in-one in addition to connecting to your smartphone. You tell it what it to do using head movements and finger gestures. Oh, and it plays music as well. And it’s working with IBM’s Watson AI platform, which allows  additional functionality for hearables involving worker safety, guided instructions, employee notifications, team communications, and biometric ID to name a few.

Farming as a Service

farming as a service - small robot

The Small Robot Company is in the process of disrupting the way farming is done by combining robotics, AI, and IoT to implement a Farming as a Service (FaaS) model. They’re building a precision farming service by combining robots, a centralized control platform, and WiFi and satellite GPS-based location system. You can’t buy these in your local tractor supply company, rather they will be used as part of a Farming as a Service platform that will “remove the need to buy expensive machinery.” This is great news for smaller farmers since it has the ability to remove some of the high CAPEX barriers to entry when it comes to farming.

The three robots, Tom, Dick, and Harry, will respectively test the soil, weed, and surgically plant individual seeds. Since they are only used when needed, Small Robot figures they will be able to perform the normal farming tasks for 10% of the energy, 5% of the water, and 1% of the chemicals normally required in farming. Small Robot sees this initiative as a way to address that global challenge of the need to increase crop yields by 73% just to feed the increasing population at UN safe levels of nutrition.


Dude, Where’s My Car?

automatic pro

Have you ever had your “check engine light” come on and wonder what the heck the OBD2 trouble code of P0303 meant? Have you ever had trouble finding your parked white Toyota Camry in a sea of other white Toyota Camrys? Well, the Automatic Pro will tell you where your parked your car, and it will also log your trips, calculate business expenses, provide engine light diagnostics, track your vehicle, detect and try to contact you in a crash, and then some. It’s even smart enough to do some IFTTT type app chaining.


The Key Reinvented


Have you ever forgotten your key and need to get into your house or apartment? Or, you need to let your relative, special someone, or mother-in-law in your house, but you’re an hour away? Candy House has reinvented the lowly key with its connected home device, Sesame. It fits over your existing deadbolt without any tools or hardware and allows you to remotely lock and unlock your door, get notifications, and share access and still use your key when you want to. Now why doesn’t it talk to me as well and tell me who’s at the door?

Citizen Scientists Unite for the Environment

Adem project.png

Citizen-scientists are coming together in Ghent to do something about the air quality in their city by becoming mobile particulate sensors. Ghent is the second largest city in Flanders where lots of people use bikes to get around. It’s also a port city and home to industries that contribute to air pollution, so there’s an important balancing act that needs to take place between the needs of bikers, runners, and commercial activities. The two official air pollution stations are strategically placed to just meet European levels and that’s not good enough for some concerned citizens. The ADEM project is a community effort that reaches out to techies, people who like to tinker, as well as data scientists and trainers concerned about the particulate matter concentration people encounter on the way they take to work or school. They have come up with a sensor kit for a mobile device that you put on your bike that measures temperature, humidity, and movement and concentration of particulate matter. When it senses reduced air quality it audibly and visually indicates the situation and shares that information with the community where it can be displayed on a map for all to see. I’m breathing better already!

The Smart Trash Can That Tells You When It Needs to Be Emptied


MVNE and IoT firm Teleena is working with Mic-O-Data, a Dutch based company that specializes in the design, building and maintenance of wireless solutions. Mic-O-Data is currently working with 30 Dutch municipalities to track over 10,000 refuse collection points using its Tardif access control system for waste containers. Teleena is providing the connectivity and aggregation of the data from the waste bins that provide alerts on activity, whether they need to be emptied, or if they have not been closed properly. This increased level of information can help municipalities more efficiently collect refuse helping them save fuel and time.

This is just a short list of connected and smart things that will be making an impact on how we interact and communicate with our environment. Do have some more cool examples? Tweet us @Dialogic or send me an email at Thomas.Schroer@Dialogic.com. Thanks to @erikpras, @husslage, and @vfpuglia for their contributions.

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