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Six Ways That Video Can Spice Up Your Legacy Applications

by Tim Moynihan

Jun 18, 2015 2:07:00 PM


For years, science fiction authors have anticipated video calling as the preferred mode of communications for the future. Well, welcome to the future. Thanks to applications like Skype and FaceTime, video calling will soon replace voice calls and chats as the go-to medium for real-time conversations.

From the user’s perspective, video makes a good thing better. It adds a dimension of closeness and human connection not possible with other mediums. From a technology perspective, however, video can be problematic. It consumes more bandwidth, uses different signaling protocols and leaves legacy applications—including contact centers—out in the cold.

One company, APEX Communications, is changing the way service providers and enterprises see video communications. APEX OmniVox3D Application Server helps service providers and enterprises add video to their legacy applications quickly and easily. Adding video to the equation can give legacy applications new life and new revenue possibilities. Just consider:


  • Voicemail → Videomail – Videomail adds an extra dimension to communications and provides the kind of service differentiation that carriers need to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Voice Conferencing → Video Conferencing – While most enterprises rely on voice conferencing every day, video conferencing is even more effective as a tool for real-time collaboration, particularly with the advanced video capabilities available on most smartphones today.
  • IVR → Video IVR – An Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR) system can dramatically improve the customer service experience and lead to a more positive brand image for your business.
  • Chat → Video Chat – Like an IVVR system, video chat can elevate customer communications to a higher level of closeness and real-time responsiveness.
  • Ring Tones → Video Ring Tones – Based on the success of color ring back tones, video ring tones have the potential to be another significant revenue generator for service providers by displaying a unique video clip (e.g., a snippet of a film or music video) in lieu of a traditional ring tone.
  • Contact Center → Video-Enhanced Contact Center – Customer service and face-to-face communications are a natural fit and can lead to increased customer satisfaction and faster resolution times. For example, video could help a service agent explain a solution (“You need to turn it this way”) or display actual products to the customer (“Can I see the medium and large sizes side by side?”).


So how do you add video to your communications equation? With APEX solutions and Dialogic’s PowerMedia software-based media servers. APEX and Dialogic have partnered to create a reliable, scalable and flexible video-enhanced communications platform that utilizes a wide range of legacy (SS7/AIN) and next-gen (IP/SIP) network technologies to bring traditional voice/text applications into the video age. The APEX/Dialogic solution not only provides interworking at the network/device level but also interfaces with existing billing and CRM applications to create a seamless solution for service providers and enterprises.

With APEX and Dialogic, the future is looking good—even for your old apps.

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