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Taking IoT Use Cases from Ideas to Reality at Record Speed

by Peter Kuciak

Apr 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

15288-img-iot-use-case-blogThere is absolutely no doubt that IoT is on service providers’ minds as a new source of opportunity and revenue, especially as their core services like voice and messaging decline. And with predictions of 1 trillion connected devices by 2025, this new vision is certainly very compelling.

There are now at least over 400 IoT platforms on the market (it was at 400 according to a number I got from a research company last November at an IoT tradeshow in Santa Clara, so I am guessing this number is now actually higher). A number of operators have very advanced IoT programs, with innovation labs, university connections, startup programs, and even funding, but by and large, they seem to fall into two very distinct groups, as verified by multiple meetings with Dialogic customers and partners from around the world:

  • Group 1 members are on the search for that “killer use case” and are discussing ideas as they try to find one that resonates with their customers.
  • Group 2 members (the larger of the two groups) have accumulated many use cases, carefully catalogued them, and are trying to figure out how to build them and try them with customers.

DialogicONE, which has been created and refined over the past 4 years, gives service providers the ability to turn their ideas and technologies into production solutions. The journey from ideas via prototypes, proof of concepts, trials, and pilots into unique solution that customers will love is not easy. With DialogicONE, we give service providers the tools and process to enable their teams to leverage their telecom and digital assets and add IoT to create a path for revenues and profits.

For Group 1, Dialogic has not only use cases and additional ideas from around the globe but also tools to help service providers make their favorite ideas a reality and to socialize them with customers and progress quickly down the path to production.

For Group 2, DialogicONE provides tools that give service providers the ability to try ALL of their use cases without blowing their budgets! The days of spending $200-$800k just to “kick the tires” on an application and gain feedback from pilot customers are over. Service providers can create applications with no-code and try them in days, give them to execs, give them to customers, and gain tremendous speed and agility on the path to the digital transformation of their business.

If you are a service provider in either group – take your employees, startups, and innovation labs to the next level and really get engaged with the future of IoT solutions. And when ready, turn your pilots into production with Dialogic. The future needs to be fast and agile – time to crank out the apps with DialogicONE!

Topics: Internet of Things, Communications Application Development