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Telecom Meets Digital: Connected Car Solutions

by Peter Kuciak

Apr 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Location tracking can also be helpful for workOne of the latest technologies we’ve seen making its way to the market is the connected car. This technology provides consumers with increased comfort, vehicle analytics, and most importantly, enhanced safety features. While these features in and of themselves are impressive, the potential to do more is huge. By connecting solutions like the connected car with consumers’ smart phones and smart homes, for example, we can add tremendous value and improve overall user experience. This is where DialogicONE steps in.

DialogicONE takes independent self-contained smart applications, also known as silos, and allows them to interact through higher level consolidated solutions. DialogicONE works with service providers to offer their customers smart, consolidated applications connecting many aspects of their life. Let’s take a closer look at the different components of connected cars, and the potential to do more with them.

Safety is undoubtedly the most important feature of the connected car. This includes safety for those driving, and the safety of the physical car as well. Take for example, geo fencing. Geo fencing allows you to set up GPS points, or perimeters, on a map. Once this predetermined area has been entered you can get notified in real time when vehicles of family members are entering or leaving this perimeter. When your son has the car, he has certain areas he’s allowed to drive around in, but as soon as he crosses the line (literally), you’d get a text notification. Or when a spouse leaves the parking garage at work to head home for the day, it can trigger the living room light to change color (maybe to red) so you’ll know exactly when to start dinner, or call for takeout. You’re free to set up simple notifications, or have fun with it. Regardless of how you’re notified, knowing where your family is, and that they’re safe, is always important.

You don’t necessarily need a geo fence set up to know where your car is. Connected cars allow you to see the location of your vehicle at all times using GPS. This is useful for simple scenarios like forgetting where you parked outside of Costco, or keeping track of a family member on a trip out of town. On your daughter’s first solo road trip, you can keep an eye on her, and rest assured she hasn’t made a wrong turn. Tracking keeps you aware of where your car is and where it has been.

Connecting solutions like the connected car with consumers’ smart phones and smart homesLocation tracking can also be helpful for work. Easily track mileage and fuel consumption that are to be expensed. To make it even easier, auto expense your work trips and send the report straight to accounting! And the last, most important, safety feature is crash alerts. Receive a notification when your car has been in an accident. It’s the news nobody wants to hear but being able to receive the details in real time will give you the ability to help right away. All of these safety features individually are helpful in many different ways but, finding a way for them to interact and communicate is where so much more value lies.

Vehicle analytics have vastly improved since the introduction of connected cars. These data and diagnostics save you time, money, and worry. With a simple tap of an app you can find out up -o-date information on your car. Before you leave for work in the morning, receive an alert about fuel level and determine if you should schedule extra time to stop for gas. Or, set a reminder notification for when the gas level drops below a quarter tank. Keep track of who’s filling up the car, how much they’re putting in, and how much they’re driving. When a light appears on the dashboard, run a quick engine check and save yourself a trip to the mechanic.

Connected cars can also provide driver analytics. It can retrieve data from each driver and derive driver-specific behavioural data. This data can be used simply for personal observation. Maybe you are a little too heavy on the gas peddle and could save on gas if you eased up just a tad. This data can also be used to keep an eye on others driving your car too. Maybe when your son gets on the highway he cruises down that fast lane a little too fast for your liking.

These analytical features help in your day-to-day life and can be programmed to make other areas of your life easier too. By being able to run vehicle diagnostics, it can help you plan for upcoming repairs that may be needed. Your gas usage might show patterns, and that information can be synched to your smart home budgeting app. Receive a notification when you’ve almost reached your monthly estimated gas usage, similar to when you receive updates on your phone regarding data usage. When your car can ‘talk’ with other smart devices you own, you’ll be able to focus your energy on more important things than who forgot to fill up the car last night!

Now it’s time to talk about the fun stuff, the family’s favourite feature: Wi-Fi! Remember those long road trips where those lucky enough to not get car sick could read books, but most ended up staring out the window asking, “Are we there yet?” Those moments, while still possible, are being overshadowed by more favourable moments including watching Netflix, playing games, and checking social media. Not to mention, all these moments are possible without draining the family data plan. Wi-Fi makes road trips, big or small, more enjoyable for everyone in the car. Wi-Fi is also beneficial to those who want to have a productive car ride and work along the way. Your favourite productivity apps can be synched with your connected car and used safely.

We’ve discussed connecting with apps on your phone for updates and information but, there’s a lot of other ways to connect as well. Why not make life a little easier, and fun, along the way? Imagine your car and garage could communicate. They could ‘speak’ with each other and know you’re close by and open the garage door for you as you pull up the driveway. No hassle, no thought, just two smart devices communicating and making your life easier. Small improvements that make a big difference.

Connected cars are continuously becoming more popular, useful, and smarter. It’s just one of the areas where DialogicONE works with service providers to give consumers consolidated solutions. Dialogic is focused on helping service providers deploy new technologies quickly with our DialogicOne platform. We work on next-generation offerings that bridge the silos and integrate networks and devices to create innovative applications quickly.

We are experts in telecom with over 30 years of experience, as well as architects of next-generation applications and services for the service providers globally. We have solutions to address the roadblocks service providers face, and a proven track record working with them to leverage the past and move aggressively into the future.

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