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Telecom Application Developer Summit and Innovation

by Jim Machi

Nov 3, 2015 10:00:00 AM

TADS is coming up, which is great news.  This conference is devoted to telecom application developers, which, when you stop to think about it, is pretty important for telecom success.  I mean if telecom was just about making a phone call, or sending an email, or posting something on social media, then life might be pretty boring. But telecom apps enrich the basic experience because: 

  • Telecom enables interactivity over distances and keeps us all closer together. Apps enhance that experience even more. Adding video and voice to social media apps is a current example.
  • Telecom enables everyone to access the internet and learn. For some people, mobile access to the internet through a smart phone is the only access available.
  • Telecom enables business efficiency. Conference calls is one example.
  • Telecom enables advanced analytics, and thus smarter decision-making.
  • Telecom enables the Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile access to the internet is critical for success.  There are many, many telecom-enabled IoT apps, such as digital home or digital life type of apps.
  • Telecom enables things we have not yet even thought about.

Telecom is ultimately about innovation and how a “phone call” has evolved to mean all of the above, and more.  I have 20 minutes to talk about how Dialogic accelerates telecom application development and I’ll use that time to talk about our software-based media server, and how it has been used in a deployed WebRTC application that enables a safer campus environment among other things.

We are looking forward to this event and supporting it in the future.  Innovation abounds.

Topics: WebRTC, Fax, Events