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The Dialogic BUZZ UC Platform Swiss Army Knife

by Chris Boulton

Oct 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM


buzz-branded-swiss-army-knifeSeveral weeks ago I wrote a blog that documented my time from a fledgling start-up company based in the UK to joining the Dialogic family. In that musing, I referenced the exciting experience over the last couple of years as the company reinvented itself into one that is lean, agile, and ready and able to succeed in the new world of virtualization and cloud. Remaining on the same theme, this blog delves a little deeper into the world of Dialogic to reveal exactly how we have remodelled the very core of the company from the ground up though our product offerings.

I remember as a young man the landmark day I was permitted to own a Swiss Army knife – a long time ago. As someone who grew up in the countryside, it was the perfect accompaniment to many adventures and its multiple tools were used for tasks ranging from bow and arrow construction to building camp fires. But what relevance does this nostalgic day dreaming have to the topic at hand, you ask?

Dialogic is very much analogous to a software version of a Swiss Army knife. Contained within its multifunctional core are tailored software components that can either be used in isolation or in combination to solve modern day problems – just like my childhood adventures and prized Swiss Army knife. There is no better example than Dialogic’s recent addition to the portfolio, the highly impressive and disruptive Dialogic BUZZ Unified Communication (UC) platform. Not only does it provide a wealth of new technology and innovation, but it also leverages complimentary, established Dialogic products to achieve architectural goals – much in the same way the trusted Swiss Army knife was used to complete my childhood adventures. The following illustration provides a very simplistic view:


Clearly shown are the new, exciting core components that have the Unified Communications industry talking (or BUZZing), such as Dialogic BUZZ clients and Dialogic BUZZ UC Server solution.  Additional key components of the solution are drawn from Dialogic’s broad portfolio, namely:

  • The Dialogic Media Resource Function (MRF), known as Dialogic PowerMedia XMS, which provides best-of-breed mixing and transcoding component for all sophisticated conference activities, such as voice, video and screen sharing,
  • The Dialogic Media Resource Broker (Dialogic PowerMedia MRB), which seamlessly compliments the solution, providing scaling of conference activities for larger and/or critical conference resources, including high availability
  • The cloud-native Dialogic BorderNet Session Border Controller (SBC), which is a perfect fit  for all security and interworking needs
  • The Dialogic Load Balancer, which provides the final tool in our Swiss Army Knife armoury by supporting all general protocol scaling requirements and redundancy across a range of protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Dialogic BUZZ UC solution is an exciting new addition to the Dialogic software portfolio and provides reassurance that at its core, are components that the communications industry has come to trust. More Dialogic BUZZ UC detail to follow – stay tuned.

Topics: Unified Communications and Collaboration, Internet and Web, Media Server Software