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The Flexible App Strategy

by Jim Machi

Feb 9, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Dialogic has long been associated with communications applications.  Over the years, billions of dollars of value-added services have been enabled because an innovative, and revenue producing, application was “Built on Dialogic”.  We were the engine driving the applications.  Many of our hardware and software enabling products were and still are used in ways that we could not have imagined when we designed them.  I distinctly remember over ten years ago when a feature request came in to expand the capability of a “play/record” to what was then a huge file size.  I was like “What is this for - no one is going to talk that long”.  And no one did.  But someone had the idea to play music instead of a dial-tone, and the Color Ring Back Tone business was born, which was all at once innovative, viral, and lucrative, and for which Dialogic played a huge role.

Today, there is still a huge amount of communication application innovation going on and Dialogic is still at the forefront of much of it.  We have the number one software based media server in the market and we know many innovative WebRTC and video based applications being developed and/or rolled out today have PowerMedia XMS underneath them.  But the complexities given the different network types, different delivery vehicles (such as cloud), and different subscription methods are enormous hurdles for some of our customers.  It’s no surprise that over the past few years, Dialogic has increasingly gotten more requests to help our customers with their apps. 

As such, today, Dialogic is announcing an update to our business strategy.  First, we have announced we’ll enter the Real-Time Communication (Network/Premise/Cloud-Based) Communications Applications Business through creation of an Application Development Practice.  This practice will be focused on helping our customers deliver premise, cloud-based or network based solutions.  Many customers understand the changes taking place in the industry but do not have the technical staff to embark on what is required, or cannot find the solution.   Additionally, many customers want to move to the cloud but want help moving to Cloud/NFV/IP/WebRTC based approaches.  We want to help accelerate all of this through creation of this practice.

We have kick-started this application development practice through the acquisition of Apex Communications which we have also announced today. Apex has a variety of applications that can be customized easily to meet many of the needs of what our customers have been asking us to do.

Examples that have come in to us in the last year include migrating from hardware based solutions to software (IP) based solutions, adding video to existing voice solutions, migrating existing voice / video solutions to WebRTC based solutions and / or IMS/VoLTE based solutions and also replacing an old non-supported solution to a modern based solution.  We have also received requests for various forms of IoT communication applications.

I also want to be clear that Dialogic’s existing lines of business do not change.  We are still providing communications enabling building blocks, still providing IMS elements, still providing switches, and still working with our current partners.  We are simply responding to our customer requests to be flexible and help them at a higher level.

This is an exciting time for Dialogic.  Our business is growing, we are the number one software media server and you can feel the excitement in our company.  We wanted to capture this excitement with a new logo.  Our logo was last updated in 2007.  But we wanted a fresh, clean, and modern look, and one that is more evocative to what we are today.  

Our mission is to provide cloud-centric communications infrastructure and applications to enable an agile network.  We want to provide new services and a new way of providing services for all networks.  We feel that the new strategy announcement today will go a long way towards accomplishing our mission.

Update (3/22/16): Listen to a recent podcast I did with Alan Percy where I talk about our application strategy, how our applications fit in with NFV, some applications projects that we’re already working on, and what we’re doing with the acquisition of APEX.

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