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The Importance of Good Call Progress Analysis with Software Media Servers

by Jim Machi

Mar 14, 2017 10:30:44 AM


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Robo-Calls are rightly getting negative press and regulation. But Call Progress Analysis (CPA) has many legitimate uses beyond enabling Robo-Calls. Dialogic has been getting quite a few questions lately about software based CPA because of the legitimate uses as discussed last week.

CPA was first enabled via sophisticated algorithms that first started being employed via DSPs. But as hardware such as call processing boards have morphed into software modules, the CPA algorithms might not be quite the same.Host processing, say using Intel CPUs, may not be as powerful. And porting algorithms from DSPs to software may not yield the same functional performance. As such, some software CPA clearly may not behave the same as CPA deployed via DSPs.

We know this since we’ve been through this. Dialogic has been shipping software based media servers since the early 2000’s. We were the first to do this as part of Intel. As we ported many DSP functions to our HMP product, we saw small variances in many functional areas. And we worked hard to correct the behavior in all areas (not just CPA) so it worked as much as possible the exact same as a DSP-based board system. And note that just because an API is the same doesn’t mean a function will behave the same!

As I said above, Dialogic has been getting questions about CPA lately. Take a look at our PowerMedia product line if you are interested in using the premier software based media server.

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