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Microservices Architecture – What is it, and why should I care?

by Miguel Lopes

Oct 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Nerd alert! For a while I’ve postponed my chance to geek out about one of the latest buzz words in the telecom industry. Over the last few years, the telecom industry has been rampant with technical terms such as virtualization, network functions virtualization (NFV), orchestration, and lately containerization. Salespeople throw terms around like there is no tomorrow in hopes of getting prospects engaged and excited about their products. One term that is trending now is microservices architecture (MSA). Now, I did say I was going to geek out, but I promise not to get too technical, so hopefully, you will make it to the end of this blog.

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Topics: Unified Communications and Collaboration, Development Methodologies

The Advantages of Supporting OpenStack

by Arik Amdur

Aug 14, 2019 9:50:08 AM

As mentioned in my previous DevOps blog, OpenStack is one of the cloud platforms with growing popularity in the market and it’s already supported by the Dialogic® BorderNet® SBC and other Dialogic products. Support for OpenStack often becomes an added-value driver for customer interest in our offerings.

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Topics: NFV/SDN & Cloud, Development Methodologies, Session Border Controller